America swallowed a fortune from Afghanistan

2022-05-04 0 By

The United States recently “legally” robbed the Afghan Central Bank of $7 billion in assets stored in New York. The $7 billion was supposed to be the entire assets of the Afghan central Bank held in the United States.During the Libyan war, the United States also gobbled up Libyan wealth.If countries put their money in the US, they welcome the US to rob!Unless you can also rob us government property, not us private capital.Stealing Libyan wealth, Stealing Syrian oil, robbing Afghan banks, the US wants to see how the American fans clean it up.Wasn’t it expected by the Chinese that the US would do this?Think about how overtly the US can “legally” plunder other countries as long as it makes a law at home.”The United States is a country under the rule of law,” a netizen said sarcastically. “The legislative process has nothing to do with the people, but the people must” follow the law “!The irony is that some Chinese bloggers naively said that the US would never rob China of ITS US debt, and even made several videos about it.Maybe, his logic is that China is stronger than Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, so the US does not dare to treat China like Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. It is like letting others pinch their balls and comforting them, but others do not dare to squeeze them!This has to raise the suspicion that the U.S. government would not hesitate to rob China of its money if it were not for the fact that American companies have enough of their assets held hostage in China.Look at Trump all day calling for huge unclaimed compensation from China. Compensation is just a cover word for the better robber logic.Therefore, the United States is not unwilling, but now dare not.It’s hard to overstate how bad this is. The key is how to deal with it.At the very least, our financial institutions should consider this when making loans: the borrower’s assets in the United States cannot be used as collateral, or the borrower’s deposits in the United States cannot be counted when assessing the borrower’s ability to repay.Some netizens worried that the gold stored in the United States should be shipped back as soon as possible, and the U.S. foreign debt should be sold as soon as possible.Why can’t the gold stored in New York be shipped back to China like Russia is?If one day China and the United States are torn apart by the Taiwan Strait issue, won’t that leave others with a handle on the spot?It is strange that no one exposes and criticizes the shameless behavior of the United States at the United Nations and other international occasions.It is too passive for us to take the initiative to destroy the archway of chastity of the US while we are tired of dealing with the slander of the US every day.Some even say helplessly that the United States is making rumors and slanders by virtue of its strength, which is absolutely right. It is reaping the fruits it deserves. What is there to say about it?These public acts of banditry by the United States are just one of the crimes that have plundered the world throughout history.Because the Us and the West have held the right to speak for hundreds of years, they have lied to the world for hundreds of years.We should have more people with a bigger voice to expose the evil practices of the Us and the West, which is good for China and the people of the world.I remember that the famous writer Liu Cixin wrote the Three-Body Problem based on the colonial history of the United States and even Europe.The concept of “dark forest” is impressive.What the United States has done in recent years makes people feel that burning, killing and looting are inherited from the deep core of the American spirit. Don’t talk about morality with the Americans. Don’t look at the polite appearance of some Anglo-Saxons.Talk to them about morality, poor Afghanistan!Now, more insidiously, the Americans have grabbed the money and spent a little to support dissidents in Afghanistan and neighboring countries, disrupting the heart of Eurasia!See if your Head hurts?Every time you think that the US, as the world’s number one hegemonic power, is a bully and still wants to face the world, the result is that the US has refreshed your lower limit of cognition again and again.Rob these poor people of their money after they beat them to a pulp in Afghanistan!Bad guys don’t pity you. All he cares about is making up for his losses.If America today reverts to the jungle logic of the dark forest, wouldn’t that be a signal for the whole world to grab it?!It is now clear that the United States has become the cancer of all mankind.Let’s be realistic, the West thinks: only the strong can survive and only the weak can be destroyed.How do we crack this superstition?Is there a second way besides fire and blood?Because in the current us and western sinister intention to kill us, we need to alert!One hundred years of national humiliation, not far!