It has been confirmed that gong Xiangyu will join the Chinese women’s volleyball training camp in the sixth match

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It is confirmed that gong Xiangyu will be selected for the training camp of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball team in the sixth match. Fans: There is a fear that gong Xiangyu will replace gong Xiangyu as the main force.But there was good news yesterday, there are six will have been confirmed to enter the Training camp of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, they are from the Guangdong women’s volleyball team and zhejiang women’s volleyball team, and the six people are: Chen Peiyan, Li Yao, Yu Jiarui, Wang Yifan, Zhu Yuezhou, Liu Yu, Zeng Jieya, Chen Xiyue.The participation of the above six players in the Training camp of China Women’s Volleyball team is also very happy for the fans, because their excellent performance in the Super League and their spirit are also loved by the fans. I believe they will definitely help the Chinese women’s volleyball team.But small make up most want to say is the guangdong women’s volleyball Chen Peiyan, believe that the broad masses of fans for the attack player in the league performance is also very satisfied, 2 an attack on a roll, and help the guangdong women’s volleyball team also made a good record, some fans even said she was in the Paris Olympic cycle slips could replace Gong Xiangyu as Chinese women’s volleyball team’s main force,In fact, this is not impossible in xiaobian, but to do the following points, interested fans together to see it.First of all, Gong xiangyu’s advantage lies in her versatility. She is very good at first pass and defense, which makes the back row of The Chinese women’s volleyball team have no worries. Therefore, Chen Peiyan should pay close attention to the training of the next three routes in the future.Secondly, the stability of the 2 – position attack should be strengthened.Although we admit Chen Peiyan 2 offensive firepower is enough, but when faced with a more powerful opponent is prone to ups and downs, after therefore to maintain a calm state of mind, need to clear some offensive line differentiation makes its stability is better, because only in this way for a long time lose good offensive output to get more support.Finally, no matter how good her ability is, she will not be recognized if she does not have good results. In international competitions, only she can show off her strength when facing many strong opponents. Therefore, Chen Peiyan should seize the world Women’s Volleyball League, Asian Games and other international competitions and show herself to her heart’s content.Finally, we can help The Chinese women’s Volleyball team achieve good results before they have the chance to participate in more important events, such as the Women’s Volleyball World Championships and the Olympic Games.Do you think Chen pei Yan will be able to improve in the Paris Olympic cycle?Can Gong xiangyu still keep her main force position?I am HongKong HongKong chat women’s volleyball team, want to know more about the latest information of women’s volleyball tournament, then follow me.