Minecraft: Hunger reform?If only THE MC had a more realistic “hardcore” hunger system

2022-05-04 0 By

Exploring Minecraft’s more challenging “survival” based on the original is at the top of every Minecraft survival fan’s list of challenges.So what happens if, one day, the MC’s version 1.20 hunger system gets refurbished/rewritten?Today we are going to look at the Hunger Overhaul with a very small entry point.01 New hunger system;The Minecraft hunger system, or the food system as a whole, has very serious “irrational” factors: raw meat can be eaten, the more difficult the food is to make is not even worth the hunger restored by a roast, and the ordinary apple is coated with gold and turned into heavenly food?And so on.A common phenomenon is that complex synthetic foods, like barbecued meat, have no desire to synthesize at all.So it was a simple logic to change the current weird Minecraft world view of food based on the facts, and to change the original Minecraft world view of food from a scientific perspective.So a Hunger Overhaul was called for!The Hunger Overhaul is underway.First of all, HungerOverhaul is one of minecraft’s most famous mods that rarely appears as a standalone mod.Often linked as integration packages for various mods, most commonly found on Minecraft servers.The goal of the Hunger revolution is to make everything more real, like three meals a day in life, so that you are more likely to starve in the game, and food is no longer an ornament to survive, but a necessity for which you have to run.In short, life will get harder.What is the hunger reform?Overall, players were more likely to get hungry, rebalancing the value of food.To put it simply, all of minecraft’s food returnable drumsticks were drastically reduced because the MC’s food crafting techniques were too simple for most agricultural and food mods.(1) Reclassify food systems: Players place Pointers on food, such as dental stuff, light meals, snacks, nutritious snacks, etc.② Food label: each food has its own classification, namely snacks, light meals and so on mentioned above.The original MC didn’t have that.③ Food recovery of hunger value: such as jammed teeth, raw meat, apples, golden apples, these can only restore 1 point of hunger value.And rabbit meat pot this kind of production process is extremely complex food, can restore 4 chicken legs.In general, processed foods are better than unprocessed foods.(4) Food stacks: The number of good food stacks has been greatly reduced. For example, the stack limit for roast beef is 16.The reason there is a 16 is because barbecue isn’t really a good food in the current mod.The higher the health of the food, the less it can carry.(5) New GUI warning: Players will change with health and hunger, the screen on the left side of the injury, serious injury, near death, etc.The right side will appear slightly hungry, hunger and other hints.(6) Near death: Players with very low health and near death will get a permanent slow, weak, digging fatigue effect.In other words, low HP and low hunger is a very scary thing!04 Changes other than food(Need to configure) (1) Plants: mature crops after harvesting, will leave seedlings do not need to replant;Crops grow only during the day and for longer periods;Crops can drop no more than one seed;② Change of hunger value;Hunger values change as the difficulty of the game changes.Ordinary 16, difficult 12 and so on;Meanwhile, the decrease in hunger is strongly correlated with time.(3) cultivation;Farming will become harder, as wooden hoes, stone hoes, or at least iron hoes, will be removed;Soil cannot be cultivated if it is not near water;The grass sheds no seed;Bone meal cannot be used in hard mode, etc.So the question is, right?What happens if Minecraft ends up with zero hunger under the new hunger system?A mandatory 200 damage will fall on Steve!(Ps: A lot of people are asking how to obtain the MOD, in fact, as long as you know the module name, a PCLII can be done oh ~)