Take it easy on the green waist

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The stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala drives the traditional cultural trend. With the part of the dance and poetry drama “Only This Green” becoming popular, the girls in high bun and blue clothes blowing the fresh wind, making people sigh that “The magnificent green mountains and rivers in” A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains “hit the hearts of people again after 900 years.It’s not just the “turquoise make-up” that has gone viral, but also memes, with netizens even challenging the “turquoise waist”, which has experts worried.On the eve of the Year of the Tiger in 2022, people once again saw the phenomenon of “breaking walls” and “going out of the circle” of traditional Chinese cultural and museum aesthetics.The dance epic “Only This Green” became the highlight of the CCTV Spring Festival, which was watched by hundreds of millions of viewers, igniting the audience’s enthusiasm.The show, which has been praised by viewers as “extremely beautiful” and “beautiful to cry”, has sparked a wave of online sharing and sharing.On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, dance creativity tells the story of cultural relics. This scene, and last year’s Henan Spring Festival Gala “Tang Palace Banquet” circle, almost the same.”Only this Green” circle, lies in “a Thousand miles of Rivers and Mountains” for the restoration of artistic conception.The dance with fire in Tang Palace Banquet was popular in tang Dynasty’s “slanting red makeup”, and “green” imitation makeup was also popular on online platforms such as Xiaohongshu.The dancing “Terra-cotta Figures of tang Dynasty” and “Green” again and again ignite the audience’s cultural confidence in traditional Chinese culture.The CCTV Spring Festival Gala showcases just a few breath-taking moments from the Only One Is Green.”Only This Green” premiered in August 2021, with Chinese dance duo Zhou Liya and Han Zhen acting as the general director.”Only this Green” comes from the painting and returns to the painting.Its performance adopts a narrative structure of interlacing time and space, telling the exhibition’s participants’ painstaking study of a Panorama of Rivers and Mountains.In the women’s group dance “green” this paragraph, through a series of zen and rich imagination of scene movements, such as waiting, watching the moon, thinking, walking alone, show thousands of miles of land and mountains.Behind its popularity are the carefully designed traditional aesthetic elements that move people’s hearts.Green clothing color extraction of “Thousands of Miles of Rivers and Mountains” in the first green and stone green, modeling design is to emphasize the Song Dynasty advocating lean sense, hand sleeves stacked, like mountains, skirt will be wrapped around the waist, with its sense of cascading mountains stacked potential, like “THOUSANDS of miles of Rivers and Mountains” in the mountains.The person mountain stone is quiet, “green waist” detonate challenge the action that actress people bear a person to ponder, see all walk is the foot of half squat type slowly to go out, reach center of gravity to move in that instant after, move forward gently again a step.As director Han Zhen said, “you open the sleeve cage, embrace is the spirit of the mountains and rivers.””Green waist” is even more amazing.As if floating in the air, this difficult movement, waist back bent almost 90 degrees.Meng Qingyang, the lead dancer, said, “Under normal circumstances, girls bend down in other roles and always go up. But in this role, it is very leisurely and relaxed.Relax down, calm down, in order to use body language to best show the “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” on the contend, rivers crisscrossed.”As director Zhou Leia said: “Let the actors quiet down, let them find the mentality from this noisy life, let the audience feel that is the Song Dynasty people on the stage.”This move is actually called “Dangerous peak” and is called “green waist” by fans.Meng Qingyang, the actor of “Green”, also shot a 15-second short video. His eyes were as neat as a hook, and he bent down without stopping.Netizens call “sister’s waist is not waist, it is a hook to my heart.”According to Meng Qing Yang, “green waist is a geometric state formed by the body, just like a rock, and the core strength is in the waist.With the right foot in front and the left foot behind, the whole mountain is like a rock, a lofty mountain, descending with the consciousness of the back of the head, and slowly backward at the waist…”Under the temptation of difficult challenges, during the Spring Festival, the whole network is imitating and challenging, and netizens are trying in various venues.”I just tried the green waist challenge, and I was about to show off to my mother when I suddenly lost my weight…””Meizzy did the green waist challenge and got stuck in her neck and couldn’t move.””Challenge a green waist, people almost did not carry the past…”Need very strong waist and crotch strength, experts urgently remind “green waist” dancers need not only steady as a rock of foot strength, but also dancers have a tough as pampas reed waist.Sun Qiqi, secretary general of Nanjing Dancers Association, told reporters that to complete such a difficult movement as “green waist”, it is no problem for dancers who have learned dance for seven or eight years and have some basic training.”It takes a lot of waist strength, belly strength, crotch strength, and most importantly crotch strength, which is really crotch pushing.And leg strength support.People who have no foundation in dance must not imitate.”The doctor reminds, the stage one minute under the stage ten years of work, without professional training of ordinary people, it is easy to imitate this action, resulting in waist injury.Excessive lumbar extension and downward pressure will lead to increased local stress in the waist, and the posterior edge of the intervertebral disc will be extra squeezed, which may lead to damage of the local annulus fibrosus.Further increases in pressure will cause the nucleus pulposus to protrude from the ruptured annulus fibrosus.If the herniated nucleus pulposus presses on the surrounding nerves, it can cause what’s called a herniated disc.This action will also make the posterior facet joint of the vertebral body subjected to huge pressure, and lead to its damage. After the damage of the facet joint, it will lead to local low back pain and discomfort, and in the long run, it will also lead to lumbar instability and sequelae.For teenagers who are growing and developing, improper imitation will also lead to increased local stress in the lumbar spine, which may cause bone fracture in the lumbar isthmus, thus causing long-term lumbago, or even lumbar spondylolisthesis.Therefore, do not try without a certain basis, beware of injury.If you want to see “Green Waist,” see you at the theater.It is reported that after the Spring Festival, the only Green of the second round of 120 tour is about to start.Zhang Nan, reporter of Yangtse Evening News/Ziniu News Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn