Tonight he kissed the medal with tears in his eyes, and he wanted to tell his daughter the story of all the people behind it

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Qi Guangpu, Olympic champion and aerials champion of Beijing Winter Olympics, kisses his gold medal with tears in his eyes after standing on the podium at the awarding ceremony held in Zhangjiakou Award Plaza on February 17.Zhangjiakou Award Square once again sounded the heroic volunteer march!”The moment the flag went up, the moment I heard the national anthem play, I kind of lost control.Especially when I started singing the national anthem, I felt so proud to be a Chinese.””I feel it’s very heavy, very heavy,” Qi said. “I think the gold medal is a reward for our aerials team waiting for so many years, especially to realize this historic moment on our home soil. It’s great.”Wearing a gold medal on his chest and holding a bouquet of flowers, Qi thanked all the people who support, help and like him. “I hope they can see my performance and I hope I can inspire more young people to take an active part in ice sports,” he said.Among those Qi guangpu wants to inspire is his daughter, who will turn three soon.”I don’t just want to tell her the story of it, I want to tell her what it stands for and the story behind it.””This is not my story, but the story of the entire Chinese aerials team and the efforts of generations of Chinese snowmen,” he said.Qi Guangpu won the night also did not forget to fight side by side with him, for many years together advance and advance of good brothers, good teammates Jia Zongyang, but because of the championship after the press conference and detection and so on, he returned to the room was very late, but he still went to visit Jia Zongyang.”I think this is just the beginning of the rise of our team and we will definitely win more trophies in the future,” he said.After twice wanting to “give up” but still returning to win gold, Qi guangfu also looked back on his four Winter Olympics preparation journey. “These 16 years, it’s not easy,” he said. “Every athlete only has 16 years in his career.From the beginning of training this project, the goal is to stand on the highest podium in the Winter Olympics.But I did not win a medal, I did not win a medal, I did not win a medal, I did not win a medal, I finally fought for 16 years.It was the disappointment of the last three Olympics that forced me to go all out and give it a go today.””In fact, I also gave up, but I came back, because ah, too unwilling.After losing in Pyeongchang, I went to Beijing Sport University for further study. I wanted to settle down this way.After all, since I started this aerials program, I can say that I have never had a rest, I have been sticking to it.But after 2018, I thought I’d take a break and think about the future.Eventually, I came back.””I actually cried just now, hugging many people,” Qi said in a post-race interview on Saturday. “Especially when I held up the national flag and ran out of the race, I couldn’t help crying.I have fantasized about the appearance of holding the national flag and marching around the stadium to celebrate, but actually doing so feels a little awkward. Maybe I have not recovered from it.I’m going to try to raise the flag again at the next Olympics. I’m going to do more laps!”Congratulations to veteran Qi Guangpu!Looking forward to seeing you again in four years!