What surprises did the stars bring to the Year of the Tiger gala?

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The Year of the Tiger is coming!First of all, I wish you all a happy New Year!Keep in front of the TELEVISION to watch the Spring Festival Gala you, whether “squat” to the favorite star?Or which look really caught your eye?Li Yuchun’s pink dress is the most eye-catching!Balmain’s design elements with strong sense of heavy industry shine under the light, which has a very new atmosphere. The most prominent shoulder design of the brand makes it look vanguard and modern. While neutral and sharp, the short skirt perfectly shows Li Yuchun’s long legs.Song, who opened this year’s gala with “Happy Auspicious Year,” wore an Oscar de la Renta PS22 gown with a matching Boucheron waist and feathered jewelry.It is the finishing touch of the whole body modeling.Wang Junkai attended the Spring Festival Gala for the seventh time. He wore Dior 2022 Spring/summer series suit, blue short jacket and Christian Louboutin Our Georges L series shoes on the opening stage, which was fresh and lively, and fully demonstrated his youthful vitality and youthful spirit.Wang wore a pink Alexander McQUEEN suit to the gala.The combination of white T and pink brings a sense of spring, and the unique zipper design of the brand adds a sense of modern, perfect combination of firmness and softness.Song Qian made her debut on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, wearing bold and elegant in a suit of CHANEL 2022 spring and summer forecast series of tweed coat on stage, leather belt and metal neck ring, earrings set each other off, with a strong red suit, and CHANEL comet lipstick 108 comet clay echo, spring color overflow!MAO Xiaotong dressed in a self-portrait Chinese New Year capsule hollowed-out dress. The upper part of the dress was cut to look like traditional Chinese paper-cuts. The red dress was a bit of interpretation of the beautiful Chinese style, full of Spring Festival elements and beaming.Zhang Ruoyun’s caramel coat is so warm!FENDI coat is matched with earth color interior, giving people the feeling of bathing in the warm spring sun, full of spring, warm and elegant.Interpretation of the opening song and dance “happy auspicious year”, shoulder wide legs long figure than good for windbreaker!Jackson Yi’s short jacket was so cool that it was from Hedi’s Saint Laurent, a 2016 yellow jacquard with velvet and tassels that made it look festive.Zhang Xiaofei wearing LANVIN peacock blue coat, temperament gentle generous, hot search # Zhang Xiaofei coat # suddenly rushed to the forefront, it seems that everyone is Zhang Xiaofei “grass” new clothes.In photos posted on Zhang’s Micro blog, she can be seen holding a red lantern or interacting with a lion. Peacock blue and red background are used to attract the eyes, showing the joy of Chinese New Year and kicking off the colorful Year of the Tiger.Liu Tao as a guest surprise appeared in the magic program, she was wearing Marianna Senchina velvet red dress standing in the dim light and shadow, a bunch of red roses as an ornament and dress echo, black hair snow muscle with elegant pace phantom lightly, retro Hong Kong wind curl modeling interpretation of amory and graceful female charm.In the opening song, Liu Tao, wearing SHANG 1 BY SHANG YI red coat with shirt and Mary Ling red trench coat, joyfully opened the Spring Festival Gala in a red suit. He appeared on the screen as a journalist’s professional image, and his long hair waving looked lively and cheerful, full of New Year charm.Chou, dressed in a Louis Vuitton dress and earrings, opened the Spring Festival Gala on Hunan TV with a performance titled “Fu Hu Shine in Youth.”Another set of styling from Carolina Herrera, bubble sleeve design gentle atmosphere yet sweet, holding flowers as the best decoration of the whole set.Lee Seung-hyun also appeared in hunan Spring Festival Gala roller-skating debut, lee Seung-hyun gave us a unique first stage “Ice Sea Travelers”, singing and dancing, perfect debut.Zhang Liangying appeared at the Spring Festival Gala in Anhui province, wearing an elegant feather dress and singing two songs “My Dream” and “Finally Waiting for you” to send Spring Festival greetings to everyone.Liu Yuxin’s first Look at the Shandong Spring Festival Gala was a print suit from Acne Studios, which was crisp with pants and waistcoat, and a blouse with flounces that struck a balance between cool and gentle.The second set is from the Azzaro couture collection, with sparkling sequins and modern designs.White cowboy hat becomes the finishing touch, adding a thick retro charm.Zhang Yixing, zhang Yixing, zhang Yixing, zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang Yixing, Zhang ZhangSong one song “the world ankang”, ode to history and culture, perfect integration.They looked effortless as they debuted Michael Wang’s new song on stage in a sleek, casual all-black ensemble that was his usual cool touch.The stack cap is the biggest highlight of this outfit and adds integrity to the look.Zhou Shen, who also sang the first stage of his new song, was wearing a soft white jacket with a light beige leather jacket. The falling thread swayed with his movements, and his song brushed his heart lightly, instantly cured.Xiao Jingteng this suit is fashionable get very restrained, all black inside build more line the bright eye of asymmetrical black and white suit coat, white leather shoes echo coat color, advanced have style.Liu Yiyun Amber and Meng Jia met ten years of the first stage, Amber scarf echoes the song of the Chinese wind, red shoes echo Meng Jia red, Meng Jia a red lace robe slinky charming, sexy and cool sense was she held just right.Tan Songyun is consistent melting and pure and fresh fan, detail of suit of knickers of one seat green takes hold reach the desired position, bring spring abundant feeling, echo of blue green earring is lovely all the more.Come to the comments section and leave your happy moment of the Spring Festival Gala. I wish you all a wonderful New Year