2.9 Football Match analysis: eleven match analysis + EPL + English Championship + Coppa Italia + Copa Del Rey!

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Tottenham hotspur are currently seventh in the Premier League, not far behind the top teams, and are clearly aiming for a place in Europe.They have just beaten Brighton 3-1 in the FA Cup, and with sun Xing back from injury and a much improved attack, the team can go into the match in top form.In contrast, Southampton have been mediocre this season: relegated but lacking the ability to climb, they have been mediocre recently, winning three games in a row.In addition, the team’s defence has not kept a clean sheet in the last 13 games and it will be difficult to keep a clean sheet against tottenham tonight.In terms of historical exchanges, Tottenham occupies an absolute advantage, and there is a certain gap between the two sides in terms of strength. In addition, Tottenham has the advantage of home court, and all units have sufficient support for it. Overall, Tottenham is expected to win all the points in this game at home.Recommendation:Lord – 008 premier league aston villa on Wednesday VS Leeds aston villa a victory over everton back on track, swept away after four consecutive wins the decadent, team led by Steven gerrard also gradually on track, have introduced the library moutinho and other players, improve the whole squad but it is worth mentioning that the team in the home, the averageLeeds may not have the upper hand this time.Leeds united in the premier league 15th place at present, although there is no risk of degradation temporarily, but the team also cannot treat STH lightly, recent ten games only win 3 games, just lost to Newcastle united, the magic of coach marcelo bielsa is fading, 21 league games after scored 24 goals has lost more than 40 pitches, averaging data loss is 1.9 of the ball,The defence is quite worrying, which could be a danger in this game.Due to the strength gap between the two sides, considering that Aston Villa have the advantage of home ground, and just returned to the winning track, both form and morale are on the rise, it is undoubtedly more worthy of trust, on the other hand, Leeds can win or lose, the overall performance is low, overall, Aston Villa is worth looking forward to.Norwich v Crystal Palace: draw/lose Wednesday 003 Manchester United v Brent: draw/draw Wednesday 004 Tottenham hotspur v Southampton: win Wednesday 005 Sheffield United v West BromMin-wednesday 006 Championship Blackburn rovers v Nottingham Forest Min-Wednesday 007 Championship Bournemouth v Birmingham united min-Wednesday 008 Premiership aston villa v Leeds united min-Wednesday 009 Italian cup AC Milan v Lazio min-Wednesday 010 Copa del Rey Vallecano v BetisLet win Wednesday 011 France cup nice VS Marseille: win/draw article content for my current view, the recommendation may change, personal focus will be placed on the match!If you like it, please like it + follow it. If you have different opinions, please leave a message to discuss it.When busy, there is no time to publish articles, you can check the latest views and historical achievements through the official account of Lao Wang Ball Talk.