Science and Technology Evening News | iPhone SE 3 price exposure;Red rice K50 full price exposure

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As We get closer to Apple’s 2022 spring event, there are more and more Revelations about the iPhone SE 3.According to letsgoDigital, the new iPhone SE 3 will have the same appearance as the previous iPhone SE 2.4.7-inch LCD screen, Touch ID fingerprint on the front, 12 megapixel single camera on the back.As for the price of the iPhone SE 3, the rumor is that it will be even cheaper than the iPhone SE 2 (3,299) — starting at $300.If the claims are true, it would be the most cost-effective iPhone to date.Recently, information about redmi K50 has been continuously revealed. At present, the configuration, processor and other parameters of the aircraft have been basically clear.And today, one of the key attributes of the Redmi K50 series has finally been revealed.The redmi K50, which runs on a Snapdragon 870 processor and supports 67W fast charging, will start at 1,999 yuan, according to the post.The Hongmi K50 Pro, equipped with Breguet 8000 and supporting 66W fast charging, starts at rmb2,699.Hongmi K50 Pro+, equipped with Breguet 9000, supports 120W fast charging, starting at rmb3,299.Redmi K50 esports edition, powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen1, supports 120W fast charging, starting at rmb3,499.Earlier rumors revealed that Redmi K50 Pro+ will hit the high-end price segment, according to the revealed processor parameters, Redmi K50 Pro+ is equipped with Mediatek processor Breguet 9000, so it can be seen that this Breguet 9000 May not be inferior to snapdragon 8 Gen1.The global annual production of smartphones will reach 1.386 billion units in 2022, according to a survey by Taiwan-based company AIA.Which brands account for more of the 1.386 billion mobile phones?The report predicts that Samsung will remain the market leader with a market share of about 20%.Apple came in second with 18%.The third to fifth brands are Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo, with an estimated market share of 16%, 15% and 11%, respectively.According to the survey results, Samsung will still lead the smartphone market, but the gap with Apple is not much.It is widely expected that Apple will launch a new iPhone SE3 at the end of the first quarter to occupy the market at a low price, and will maintain the iPhone14 series in the second half of the year to maintain the existing high-end market share.Roland Quandt has released official images of two new Nokia phones, the G11 and G21, and they look pretty similar.Nokia G11: Nokia G21: According to previous FCC certification information, the Nokia G21 is equipped with a 50MP+2MP+2MP rear three-camera scheme and an 8MP front lens. It is expected to have a 5050mAh battery.The difference between the Nokia G11 and the Nokia G21 seems to be that the Nokia G11 is missing a 50 MP lens.Also, the color is lighter.In addition to the above exposure information, both models are labeled “Made in China”, indicating that they are not only equipped with purple light chips, but also Made in China.