Tongguan District strengthened safety risk control and hidden trouble rectification to improve safety production level

2022-05-05 0 By

This year, the officer of tongling city copper area to carry out the production safety law, strengthen the production safety, emergency management, disaster prevention and mitigation disasters hidden perils in safety risk control and improvement, further improving the emergency management system, accelerate mechanism construction of the emergency management system and emergency law enforcement reform, solid foundation to develop key industries special projects to improve production safety level.The consolidated improve production safety rectification action results of three years, this year is special action three years to consolidate phase of ascension, district Ann charter request each department units closely rectification action three years annual target tasks, pays special attention to implement safety measures to prevent from solid thin, stiff control task list of self-check, there is a gap on the focus of the make up a missed lesson,We will conduct in-depth analysis of prominent and common problems in our work, improve systems and measures, promote implementation item by item, sort out and summarize typical achievements, and grasp the actions of the whole region in the past three years.At the same time, the region further enhance the awareness of safety risk, pay attention to the key period and key areas of safety prevention work.We will carry out regular inspections of hidden dangers, fully implement safety prevention and emergency measures, and do a good job in production safety.During important periods of time, we will organize large-scale investigations and rectification of potential work safety hazards, pay close attention to weak links, focus on rectification of potential safety hazards, strengthen control of the source of accidents, and implement risk control measures.In the key areas of hazardous chemicals, we will deepen the centralized governance and rectification of “one prevention and three improvement”, continuously strengthen risk control in high-risk operation process, gradually promote the safety upgrade of Henggang Chemical Industrial Park according to the “one park, one policy”, and constantly improve safety supervision capacity.In the field of non-coal mines, it continues to promote classified rectification and rectification and closure, carry out the investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards by experts in contact with mines, focus on the inspection of mines, roadways and stopes, and promote the tailings pond risk monitoring and early warning system to play a positive role.In the field of construction, the government has highlighted the prevention of high falls and electric shock and other “accidents”, focused on the blind deadline, schedule and bad weather forced construction and other problems, and intensified the investigation of dangerous operation safety hazards such as lifting machinery and scaffolding.In the field of fire safety, fire fight personnel intensive place, further deepened the fire channel governance, high-rise buildings and large commercial complex fire safety comprehensive improvement, such as schools, hospitals, public entertainment populated places and “all-in-one”, villages, accommodation, etc, to carry out fire control safety inspection, the implementation of the various units on fire control safety responsibility.In the field of gas safety, the real-name registration mechanism for bottled gas sales will be deepened, and bottled gas operators will be strictly urged to fulfill their main responsibilities, and local towns-run communities will perform their duties of investigation and reporting, so as to resolutely crack down on illegal bottled gas sales.In addition, the area in a planned way organize emergency knowledge education, make full use of disaster prevention and reduction day, month of production safety, 119 fire day period, such as extensive propaganda and popularize knowledge of public security, emergency management, disaster relief and self-rescue knowledge, organizing all kinds of units to carry out response to emergency drills, improve the masses to participate in the emergency management skills and the ability to save themselves.Training courses for emergency managers and rescue workers were held to improve the level of emergency management and response.We will draw lessons from disasters and accidents, strengthen the emergency management system and risk prevention capacity, improve the mechanisms for coordinating early warning and forecasting and emergency response, and improve the mechanisms for risk prevention and disaster prevention, reduction and relief.Strictly implement the system of leading cadres to work shift, key positions on duty 24 hours security system and accident report system, and to achieve accurate, fast response and effective disposal, ensure that the emergency system, first responders, emergency vehicles, emergency equipment, emergency supplies “five reachs the designated position”, to the greatest extent to protect people’s lives and property safety.(Tong Guan Xuan)