Beihai online infant formula milk powder enterprise visual supervision system

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Recently, Beihai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau actively communicated with the superior departments for instructions, and invested more than 300,000 yuan in the construction of infant formula milk powder production process visual supervision system, to realize the intelligent supervision of infant matching production enterprises.In the future, the supervision and law enforcement personnel can monitor the infant formula milk powder production enterprises through computers or mobile phones anytime and anywhere, and regulate the production behavior of enterprises.It is understood that the system deployed network cameras and sensors at key process points of production enterprises, real-time video collection and visual display of iot signals, risk signals based on automatic identification or monitoring algorithms for early warning, closed-loop disposal;Collect real-time video signals, iot signals, information related to production enterprises, and information related to supervision to fully display the situation of enterprises.The basic network architecture of visual intelligent supervision system consists of two parts: enterprise end and supervision end. According to the principles of practicability, security, extensibility and expansibility, informatization and intelligent enabling supervision innovation can be realized by strengthening mechanism innovation and process reengineering.North sea market regulators of infant formula powder production process, one by one, determine the whole process of production of the enterprise the key monitoring and supervision system on equipment technical requirements, the introduction of “Internet +”, such as artificial intelligence technology, installed in the nine key control point 40 high-definition network camera, let regulation no dead Angle,It realizes the real-time sharing of visual intelligent regulatory information among five subjects (national, provincial, city and county regulatory departments and enterprises) in the four-level architecture.The platform combines fixed terminals with PCS and mobile terminals to achieve remote monitoring, zero-distance supervision and full coverage, enhancing the flexibility and mobility of supervision and ensuring timely detection of problems and elimination of security risks.The completion and application of the system will further improve the intelligence and information level of supervision of beihai infant formula milk powder production enterprises, form a more comprehensive food safety risk analysis ability, and further improve the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder products.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: