Beijing Shijingshan Fire Lantern Festival night fire safety inspection

2022-05-06 0 By

On the night of February 15, Beijing Shijingshan fire rescue detachment, together with relevant functional departments and mass prevention and control forces, carried out the Lantern Festival fire safety night inspection, comprehensive investigation and rectification of fire hazards.A total of 9 inspection teams were set up for the night inspection, focusing on underground space, warehouse, bungalow area rental houses, commercial markets, residential areas and other places for inspection.Check whether the evacuation channel is stacked sundry, whether there is a private pull disorderly wiring and the use of high-power electrical appliances, whether there is illegal use of liquefied petroleum gas tanks and whether there are electric bicycles and batteries parked illegally to check.Carry out “look back” inspection on the sites with hidden dangers in the early stage.The inspection team carried out fire safety knowledge publicity at the same time, launched mass prevention and control forces, reminding residents not to park in the corridor, stairwell and other areas for charging and “bring batteries home” and other violations of indoor charging behavior, to prevent fire accidents.It is understood that the night check a total of 59 inspection points, found rectification hidden trouble 103, clean up 32 electric vehicles, issued more than 1500 copies of publicity materials.Dong Zhenjie, reporter of Beijing Youth Daily