In the film You are My Light, which was released on Feb 25, Deng Chao and Wang Xi worked together again

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On February 16, the final poster and trailer for the musical romance film You are My Light, starring Yuan Wenkang and Wang Xi and starring Deng Chao, was released.After starring in Galaxy Cram School and My Hometown, Deng Chao and Wang Xi once again play a divorced couple struggling to balance work and family.The film will be released on February 25.Deng Chao plays a village cadre in the film.In the film, mu Xin (Yuan Wenkang), a frustrated musician in love and career, drives to Yunnan province and embarks on a 3,000-kilometer journey to find his heart.In the singing that is permeated with beside butterfly spring, mu heart met accidentally valiant girl Peng Peng (Wang Xi is acted the role of).Posters.Piece square for map ultimate trailer, in order to realize music dream, mu follow constantly persuade accidental encounter, with high musical talent high cold girl Peng Peng stage performance, peng Peng refused again and again also did not douse mu follow the flame in the heart.As two people get along, Peng Peng is also gradually moved by the enthusiasm of the big boy, finally agreed to stage performance.Right now, mu follow also slowly discovered peng Peng innermost secret and wound, can not help but feel more distressed the girl with this inner firmness.In this musical journey of dream seeking, Mu Heart will also become a beam of light to cure Pumbaa.(Reporter Emily Chow)