Our festival, Spring Festival | year 4: kitchen, pick up five ways

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Traditionally, the day to welcome the God is on the fourth day of the first lunar month, and the 24th day of the 12th month is the day to send the God away.As the saying goes, “See the god off early, and meet the god late”, so it is customary to see the god off early in the morning, but to meet the god around 16 o ‘clock.In the past, every family prepared fruits and vegetables, and burned incense, gold paper, firecrackers to show respect.There is also a legend in the north: on the fourth day of the kitchen God to “check household registration”, so it is not appropriate to leave home, every family should stay at home, prepare rich fruits, burn incense and light candles and set off firecrackers to show respect.On the evening of the fourth day of the lunar New Year, the general business will also meet the god of wealth, please five road, the fifth day of the market, in order to figure good luck.Normally, receive five road is in the fifth day, can why say again in the fourth night?Originally, the fifth is the birthday of the god of wealth, because everyone is eager to benefit, want to meet the god of wealth earlier than others, so this time is a little earlier, even advance to the fourth night, named “rob road head”, also known as “receive the God of wealth”.In addition, on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, the whole family will eat Zailuo together.The so-called zheluo is a hodgepodge of food left over in a few days to clean the goods for the New Year.Statement: The copyright of pictures, audio and video belongs to the original author, if your legitimate rights and interests are violated, please contact us, we will delete in time.