Shaanxi District experimental middle school solid spring semester first lesson

2022-05-06 0 By

Set sail in the spring breeze Solid is not long, seize the shan state experimental middle school on February 16, the first class is spring spring school students back to school, in order to make the children accepting heart as soon as possible, with full mental state to open new semester campus life, the day morning, school uniform, elaborate courseware for all students in a lively, rich in content of the first class.The first lesson of the new semester to “concentric build dream, we together to the future!”As the theme, it consists of seven parts, including holiday harvest, new semester, new dream, and new challenges.With illustrated ppT, based on reality and closely following the pulse of The Times, the children are educated in patriotism, ideals and beliefs, gratitude, good study and life habits.In the part of “Holiday Harvest”, the class directors and the children reviewed the warm real life stories of teachers and students working together to fight the epidemic, implementing online teaching carefully, and visiting families in the face of wind and snow. At the same time, combined with the Winter Olympic Games, women’s Football Asian Cup final, the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala, we hope that the students will be deeply concerned with the motherland, set up high aspirations, and serve the country wholeheartedly.Then the class director around the middle school students in school learning, life and children jointly discussed the “dream” and “challenge” topic, at the same time, for the new semester mentality adjustment, goal establishment, plan making, habit formation to give children scientific guidance.I hope the children keep a good attitude in the new semester, scientific and reasonable planning of campus life, healthy and sunny growth.Finally, each class took a collective oath, which was full of passion to boost morale and build up vitality, expressing the confidence and determination of the children to live up to their youth, seize the day and strive to pursue their dreams.”‘ A year’s plan starts in spring ‘. There is both effort and hope.”Let us in this thousands of miles of spring breeze, with the sound of the surging spring tide toward the great dream, live up to the youth, write a new glory!