Yubei Jiqu industrial park, established for many years, the result is not good, the housing price is slightly lower but not welcome

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Yubei District the revocation of county in the north of chongqing, was established in 1994, through nearly 30 years of development, Yubei District became the richest counties in chongqing, with the growing urban continuous development, set up many new urban area, there is steam center before, after the central park, etc., in a lot of new, to say who is the most wronged, I’m afraid the airport industrial park.Airport was developed earlier Yubei District industrial park, in the early years is quite a reputation, only then gradually faded out of the line of sight of chongqing people, there are more and more low, in downtown Yubei District in northern area, adjacent to jiangbei international airport, the traffic has a unique advantage, the earliest the highway of chongqing chongqing urban road, airport expressway will start from here.Airport is the first approved for establishment in chongqing characteristic industrial park, in January 20012, officially started construction, it has a history of 20 years, the scale is very large, covering an area of 54 square kilometers, according to the principle of the synchronous coordinate development between industrialization and urbanization in planning and construction, there is a professional industrial park, the logistics park, there is also a perfect supporting high-grade residential, living quarters.Airport industrial park in investment promotion and capital introduction this piece, it should be said has been a huge success, since its establishment form a complete industrial system, including China changan, silver cheung bikes and Germany Bosch, more than 250 various types of enterprises, such as the well-known enterprises, as the park has achieved high grades, as early as 2008, gross industrial production to reach 17.2 billion yuan.Airport industrial park industrial development not only is good, is also quite perfect living environment, at the beginning of the construction of the villa villa has a taoyuan habitat, mangrove forests, etc., at the same time supporting facilities is perfect, the airport would say, other such as leisure square, car passenger transportation center, YuBei cultural palace, and so on, comes to life in China, everything is not a lack of.Although airport to create high value and quality of residential area is good also, but really is not high, the new building would say, is typical of taoyuan, mangrove forests, and so on second-hand housing, the unit price is not high, but 10000 more, than later lijia, low many, near central park is more humbled, although low, is also unpopular, no stranger to flange.Airport industrial park is chongqing to develop one of the most mature industrial parks, factories, convenient employment, living environment is good, commodity housing prices are reasonable, but it is not by outsiders, really very humbled, why?Is it far from yuzhong District and Jiangbei District?It’s not really clear why. So, what do you think?