Caution: it’s a bit windy today!The recent rainy still more!

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Today, February 08, 2022, the eighth day of the first lunar month, Tuesday, the eighth day of the first lunar month.Are you at work?The sun seems to want to continue the New Year shadow?No!Today yongcheng cloud system more local areas and rain appear in the daytime the highest temperature in about 8℃ tomorrow cloudy sometimes light rain temperature in 3-8℃ up and down the high altitude mountain area today to tomorrow sometimes sleet or snow the lowest temperature only 0 to -2℃,With thin ice and low temperature, we should not relax our warm work. (Photo network _300014635 Ningbo Meteorological February 8) Recently, the cold and warm air is active and the weather is cloudy and rainy. Please pay attention to the latest weather information and arrange your daily life properly.During the day, there is a strong northeast wind of class 7 ~ 9 and class 8 ~ 10 in our coastal area. Please take precautions.