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Ms Zhao of Ningbo went to the bathing center, took off her clothes to take a bath in the ladies’ area, and suddenly found that there were two strange men in the opposite shower cubicle.The bathing center explained that the man was a repairman.Since then, Ms. Zhao is in a trance because of this matter and sues the bath to the court for mental loss.On February 11, the reporter learned from the Xiangshan County court in Ningbo, the court recently sentenced the bathing center involved in the spiritual damage compensation of 5000 yuan.Last December, Ms. Zhao arrived at a nearby bathing center.According to the regulations of the center, customers need to store their clothes in the locker before entering the shower area.Zhao did not see any other customers when changing, so she went into the women’s shower area after undressing and depositing.As she wet her hair and mopped up her shampoo, she looked up to see a strange man coming out of the opposite shower stall, followed shortly after by another tall man.Ms. Zhao immediately panic, quickly ran out of the shower area, and loudly call, bathroom staff came to hear the sound.After the incident, Ms Zhao immediately called the police, the bath center admitted fault, and explained that it was a male repairman was repairing operations.However, Ms. Zhao is still in shock, after the court filed a mental compensation lawsuit.Ms Zhao said the incident caused great mental damage to her, so far she is still in a trance state, unable to work and live a normal life, she asked the bath center written apology and compensation for mental loss of 10,000 yuan.The court heard that Ms. Zhao bought the bath ticket of the bath center and entered the bath area with the ticket, and the service contract between the two parties was established according to law.The bath Center is an operator with the qualification to operate baths. It has service obligations for customers in the process of bathing, including security matters, to ensure that consumers are not harmed in receiving services, or it shall bear corresponding responsibilities.The court believed that Ms. Zhao according to the bathing center procedures into the bathing area, during the bathing center and no service personnel to inform the female guest area facilities are being repaired, also did not set up the relevant warning signs, the bathing center’s provisions in name only, the management work is extremely irresponsible;After the incident, no staff arrived in time to protect.The bath center has a fault, and the fault behavior violated Ms. Zhao’s personal rights, bath center should bear the corresponding responsibility.The judge in charge of the case told the media that after the case, the two sides negotiated, and the bath center admitted its mistake and made a verbal apology to Zhao.But the bath center is a private place, should pay attention to the protection of consumers’ personal privacy, Ms. Zhao argued that it had a serious psychological shadow, the bath center for written apology request, should be supported.In view of Ms. Zhao in the shower because of the opposite sex into the intrusion and shock, its mental damage should exist, the court took into account the regional scope of the case and the impact factors, the judgment of the bath center compensation For Ms. Zhao mental damage compensation 5000 yuan.Source | surging news when the national health insurance bureau news of politics and law “: the national drug in the organization has to carry out the procurement in 6 batches 234 drugs today (11) the scio holds a regular policy briefing, drugs and high value medical consumables concentration belt quantity purchasing situation.It is reported that six batches of 234 kinds of drugs have been procured by the state, and the market amount involved accounts for about 30% of the total amount of chemical and biological drugs procured by public medical institutions.With the further development of collective harvesting, the varieties of collective harvesting showed the characteristics of “price decrease, quantity increase and quality excellent”.Firmly oppose the “sky-high salaries”!The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has issued a plan for the development of Chinese TV dramas during the 14th Five-year Plan period.According to the plan, “difference” to standardize the order of income distribution, including actors, promote the use of standardized and institutionalized, the scene of unity of standard labor contract, mentioned in the planning, to strengthen the management, paid are firmly opposed to “paid for”, every TV show all the actors always paid shall not exceed 40% of the total cost.The plan also said that it will continue to optimize the market environment, improve the supervision mechanism of the whole chain and the whole process before and after the event, seriously deal with actors and related organizations involved in illegal acts such as tax evasion, “yin-yang contract” and “sky-high salary”, and prohibit illegal entertainers from speaking out through TV dramas.Fill in the Blanks!Shanghai approval, issued the regional structure of railway safety protection technology standard “on February 11, the reporter learns from Shanghai ShenTie, the district structure of railway safety protection technology standard” (hereinafter referred to as “the technical standards”) on January 17, 2022, approved by Shanghai municipal housing and urban and rural construction management committee of Shanghai municipal engineering construction standard,The unified serial number is DG/TJ08-2397-2022 and will be implemented from June 1, 2022.It is reported that its release, from the perspective of technical specifications to more strongly support the implementation of the “Shanghai Railway Safety Management Regulations” announced in 2021, will also be more effective from the planning and design stage to protect the safety of railway engineering construction and operation, taking into account the normal implementation of other construction projects, to ensure the safety of railway transportation in the city,It is of great significance to promote the scientific, safe and sustainable development of Shanghai railway.On February 11, a special working group on the prevention and control of illegal collection and use of personal information in Zhejiang province notified 38 apps of illegal collection and use of personal information, requiring rectification within 10 working days.Previously, the working group tested the collection and use of personal information of 100 common types of apps that are widely used by the public, and notified the problematic apps point-to-point, ordering the offending apps to rectify within a time limit, in view of the phenomenon that the public strongly complained about the infringement of personal information such as illegal acquisition, excessive collection and excessive claim.Cao Jingxing, a well-known media personality, died at the age of 75 on Feb 11, 2022, according to multiple media reports.It is reported that Cao Jingxing was born in Shanghai in 1947.From 1968, he jumped the queue in the mountainous area of southern Anhui for 10 years.He entered the History Department of Fudan University in 1978.In 1982, he joined the Institute of World Economy of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences to study the American economy.In 1989, he became a writer for Asia Weekly. In 1994, he became deputy editor and then chief writer of Ming Pao, writing editorials and commentaries.In 1997, he changed his career to TELEVISION and became the chief editor of The Sky News Channel of Hong Kong Communications TELEVISION.He joined Phoenix SATELLITE TV in 1998 and served as deputy director of information station and director of media Department of Phoenix Satellite TV.Since February 2009, Mr. Cao has commented on domestic and international current affairs daily in the morning prime time of Voice of China, the comprehensive news frequency of China National Radio.I love my family and apologize!A woman in Shanghai recently received a property bill from a strange man, only to find that the man was not a property employee, but a real estate agent from “I love my Family”.She was furious that her personal information had been leaked.For this, I love my family to apologize and respond: non-company behavior, we have reached an understanding with the consumer, fired the employee involved.Is a Chinese student attacked in South Korea due to public opinion dispute?On February 11, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian held a regular press conference.A Chinese student was attacked in the ROK recently due to various public disputes between China and the ROK.What is China’s response?Zhao Lijian said China is highly concerned about the incident. The Chinese Consulate General in Busan has contacted the person concerned and offered assistance, coordinated with the local police to file an investigation and will continue to follow up.We will do our best to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests and personal safety of Chinese citizens overseas.Three for one!In 2019, A Woman in Kunshan, Surnamed Zeng, bought a second-hand Lexus car at a 4S shop for more than 130,000 yuan. She needed money and tried to sell the car, but was told that it had had a major accident and its market value was about 80,000 yuan.Ms Zeng 4S shop to court.After the court thinks, second-hand car trading, operator is responsible for the investigation of second-hand car, check the vehicle’s shape, performance, major accidents happened, and other important information, and to consumers, according to the facts, complete inform obligation, the 4 s shop has to have ms fraud, final judgment the accused ms return once their 134350 yuan and 403050 yuan for compensation.A passerby was injured by a rider and was compensated 270,000 yuan, the court issued judicial advice to “Ele. me” when crossing the road was “Ele. me” a rider hit ten degree disability, Mr. Yu will rider Du, “Ele. me” and “hummingbird distribution” platform operator Lazas company sued the court.Beijing Chaoyang Court of the first instance ruled that Lazas company to compensate Mr. Yu for economic losses of more than 270,000 yuan.Combined with trial practice, the court found that “hungry” platform for the rider’s supervision and management problems, timely sent to the company legal Suggestions, “hungry?” said that the company will carry out systematic screening platform reply comb, stage plan formulation, and will provide the related pay new occupational injury insurance pilot area of the rider.A man surnamed Tao in the nearest bridge district of Suzhou City, Anhui Province, can purchase a baby tiger in the nearest bridge district without a license for the show in a zoo he owns.They also sold two adult tigers for 160,000 yuan.After identification, the three tigers belong to the national key protection animal Siberian tigers.A man surnamed Tao has been indicted on charges of endangering rare and endangered wildlife, according to an indictment released by China Procuratorial Website.Finishing | x money edit | Zhang Xufan