【 Fire safety early know 】 fast New Year!All “kitchen god” online!Never fry frozen meat!

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Fast! New Year without prepare all kinds of food here remind you Fried frozen food must be careful because the Fried frozen food will not only directly hot oil splash could burn down the kitchen error model is a frozen Turkey slowly put the whole frozen Turkey in a pan of hot oil in the pan quickly above the fire the fire growing straight up scary if it inside the kitchen can’t not to usLet’s see why.Water Fried frozen food is a major cause fire water (frying pan into the ice) meat water content at about 70% frozen Turkey contain large amounts of ice ice in high temperature boiling oil immediately sublimated into water vapor in the process of escape will “blow” a tiny droplets in the air the boiling oil met the flame will be burning up so be expressive the fire cauldron frying wide frozen goodsPoured oil on the water if you encounter such a thing, don’t immediately extinguishing the right approach is to turn off the fire and then cover if the fire is particularly big quickly to a safe place to play what 119 frozen food is Fried Fried frozen food on fire risk factors have three ice, oil and flame (the frozen fish fillets don’t directly fry) chips, quick-frozen Fried dumpling, etc according to normal process operationSafe fried dumplings are the same but easy to jump out of the oil flowers also have to pay attention to safety do not fry too large dumplings in the surface of the dumplings a few holes to help the water vapor out of the New Year will be remembered to remind the home “kitchen god” attention to kitchen safety source: Sun Emergency