How to play the Spring Festival holiday?The high-tech zone is waiting for you to “clock in”!

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Happy New Year to the Tiger!On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I wish you all: auspicious year of the Tiger!Happy New Year!Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year, the high-tech Zone library, culture, cultural and expo venues officially open to welcome the arrival of citizens, quickly follow the two experience officers, online tour tangjiawan!Into high-tech, cultural display area in the zone tangjiawan town is famous Chinese historical and cultural town after one thousand years of wind and rain formed extremely local characteristics of regional culture “into the high and new” culture showed through video take you swim tang town, together with the ancient village know tangjiawan New Year festive tea fruit left left left to tang town must go down as one of the main road into the mountain mountain the housing first● Wangcishan House was originally a private villa built by Tang Shaoyi, the first cabinet prime minister of the Republic of China, for his mother. It was once the county magistrate’s office of Mofan County, Zhongshan, and the joint headquarters of the campaign to liberate Wanshan Islands in 1950.● Ruizi Tang Gong Temple was built during the Reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty as a model of cultural relics utilization. Now it has become the Tang Jiacun History Museum and the narrator of tang family history.● As a representative project of municipal intangible cultural heritage, Tangjiawan tea fruit has a long history and a wide variety of varieties, with specific festive activities.In the Tang family, eating tea fruit is indispensable for Chinese New Year.Fried COINS salty Fried sugar ring round bean soup for big dragon cake sweet soup Round enjoying the tang flavors we 4 useless to continue along this antique old street hand textile ChuanXiGuan “useless manual ChuanXiGuan principle curator, who is a famous designer, ms mark pavilion cotton silk wool, Sui plane zhu of xia, textile dyeing and finishing, from soup to nuts.Day feel breath culture in old street alley night to experience the ancient villages prosperous behind the slow time of 5 with low is located in the ancient village in conjunction with the ancient village at the foot of phoenix mountain has been one hundred years of history, the ancestral temple, towers can let you find in modern lingnan culture of the ancient beauty, tide bookstore reading, movies, small pavilion and the ancient village of sending out the youth vigor.This is a place with history, inheritance, precipitation and feelings in Zhuhai High-tech Zone. It is worth your careful taste and exploration. Welcome to Zhuhai High-tech Zone!The New Year, agree with you!Source: Zhuhai Gaoxin Culture network