The day will rain shujing germinating vitality for green fields

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The river breaks the ice our reporter Wang Shimei photograph our reporter Li Xin Wang Zhen Chen Juncheng Eunuch ning Yin Yaozeng public security plus Wang Jing “the end of the cold winter liu cover smoke, smoke ruiqi full mountains and rivers.Days will rain shu qingjing, germinating vitality for green fields.”On Feb 19, rain water, the second solar term of the 24 solar terms, arrived on the Qinghai Plateau.After “rain”, the weather warms up, and precipitation will gradually increase;In the form of precipitation, snow gradually less, rain gradually more.”Month seventy-two hou set solution” recorded: “in the first month, a day of water.The beginning of spring is wood, but the wood will be water, so the rain after the beginning of spring.And the east wind is thawed, then scattered and rain.”According to the ancient explanation, before and after rainwater solar term, snow and ice continue to melt, everything began to sprout, spring is more obvious.Qinghai Plateau is in the “cold spring”, the weather is relatively cold, but the whole province has long “germinating vitality for green fields”.In the vegetable greenhouses of the Facility Agriculture Demonstration park in Zongzhai Yuan, Chengzhong District, Xining City, farmers can be seen working hard everywhere.Some of them are fertilizing, some are mulching…A process methodically, the greenhouse in a spring ploughing preparation lively scene.Sun Junquan, who has nine years of planting experience, is busy looking at young celery plants in a container.He started planting in mid-December, and now the celery plants are growing well and will be ready for sale in about 30 days.Liu Deyou, party secretary of xiazhai Village, Yanbo Town, Ledu District, Haidong City, leads villagers to plant early-maturing and high-yield potatoes in a demonstration greenhouse for rural revitalization.Looking up at 600 greenhouses, an area of more than 400 acres, everywhere presents a busy scene of diligent spring early.Liu Dehas a swarthy face on the smile opened a flower, “New Year’s day is busy, has been busy up to now.Hope for a good harvest this year, all the hard work will be worth it!”The weather is getting warmer and the wind is becoming milder.The fields of Cuogankou Village, Cuozhou Township, Jianzha County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, which had been silent for a winter, gradually became lively.For the villagers of Cuogankou, spring ploughing is the first big event of the New Year.Straight ridges divide the flat land into dozens of rectangular fields, where villagers scatter organic manure, prepare seeds and install planters.A mule was harnessed to the plow, one held the REINS in the front, another held the plow in the back, and a third in the front held a fine wooden box full of grain, which he picked up by handfuls and scattered around the fertile fields.Warm sunshine is shining on the endless grassland, and the temperature is gradually rising in Nangqian County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.In the concentrated continuous planting fields of Dongpa village in Baizha Township, the villagers go down to the fields to view the soil moisture and prepare for the spring farming this year.Rustic two level cadres Russia should be in the field for the whole township planting industry development, especially to the village collective economic project vegetable greenhouses planning, site selection work.Baizha Township Party secretary Chen Hongyan said: “this year we plan to continue to expand the size of black barley planting, hire haidong city of agricultural science and technology and technical personnel to do a good job of technical guidance, and in the production of efforts, I hope the rain can be a little more, so that our harvest will be better, people’s day more hope!””We have stored 850,000 kg of highland barley seed, 120,000 kg of rapeseed seed, 150,000 kg of Jiayan no.2 oat seed, 36,000 tons of organic fertilizer and 360 tons of bacterial fertilizer…The plan is to sow wheat and barley crops from late March to mid-April, and rape crops in early and mid-May.”This is haibei Tibetan autonomous prefecture Menyuan Hui Autonomous county agriculture, animal husbandry and water bureau comprehensive office director Chen Fangzheng.Although spring ploughing work has not yet begun, but they have arranged professional and technical personnel, carefully spot check farmers’ professional cooperatives agricultural machinery and tools maintenance, but also use science and technology “four to the countryside” activity platform, for the common people to send agricultural production technology services and safety knowledge.”I hope with our help, the common people will have a good harvest this year!”…There is a saying: “Rain rain crops, spring a treasure.”Spring ploughing, spring irrigation, sowing, seedling, fertilization, anti-freezing, grafting fruit and other agricultural activities will be launched in succession.”For the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, due to the particularity of geography and climate, although it has not rained yet, the gradually increasing sleet weather is also the performance of precipitation increase.Spring farming in my province is mostly from the rain before and after the beginning, from the east to the west slowly spread, from the easternmost minhe Hui Tu Autonomous County Guanting town to Sanhe town, Ping ‘an district, the first to start farming.At the same time, people will also pay close attention to the field management of green winter wheat, seed selection, fertilization, sowing and other work, for the annual agricultural harvest roll up sleeves to work!”Qinghai province agriculture and rural hall chief agronomist Zhang Yuan said.Qinghai Daily (February 19, 2022, 4th edition: Key News) Disclaimer: All the above contents are original manuscripts of Qinghai Daily, unless the source is indicated. 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