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The performance of Hall thruster of 100 kilowatts in China has reached the international advanced level.In January, aerospace science and technology corporation, which is five yuan 510 high-power electric propulsion technology for major breakthrough, in the ground experiment, single channel hall thruster (HET – 450) in the high-power Xe as refrigerating to 105 kw, maximum thrust at 4.6, at the highest of krypton laser specific impulse of more than 5100 seconds, mark in high-power electric propulsion technology field in our country,The performance of 100-kilowatt Hall thruster has reached the international advanced level, and the single-channel Hall thruster is comparable to the American multi-channel X3 Hall thruster (maximum power 102 kilowatts, maximum thrust 5.4 n).Het-450 Hall electric propulsion is the strategic direction of China’s advanced aerospace power field. Among them, the hall electric propulsion has the outstanding advantages of high thrust-power ratio and large thrust, which is the international mainstream high power electric propulsion technology route closest to space application.After years of unremitting efforts, the team has overcome numerous challenges, solved more than 10 internationally recognized technical problems, and mastered a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, which is expected to achieve China’s “curve overtaking” and “international leading” in the field of high-power Hall electric propulsion technology.It will provide key technical support for the smooth implementation of China’s landmark missions of building a space power, such as manned lunar landing and in-orbit service.Et-450 Hall thruster test system Ground test status of ET-450 Hall thruster under 105kW working condition