Can the legendary lipstick still be used after its expiration

2022-05-08 0 By

Legend of life lipstick expired and cannot be used.Expired lipsticks have changed, and the ingredients may have gone bad.Labial ministry skin relative to other human body skin more sensitive, more exquisite, resistance is poor, if use the lipstick of expired, to save money, it’s easy to let labial ministry skin damage, serious and even cause disease to the lips, possibly because after besmear is on the lips, expired lip balm with eating drinking and ran into the stomach, intestines and stomach, adverse effect to human body health,So expired lipstick should not be used.Normally if there is no kaifeng lip balm will be relatively long shelf life, in the three years or so, but if such as lipstick open shelf life will be shortened accordingly, after only a year or only a few months, don’t use the lip balm to go bad, so as not to cause skin irritation or bacterial infections, suggest you to buy a lip balm, usually also should pay attention to drink more water.Cosmetics generally have a shelf life of 2-3 years, and lipstick is no exception.Therefore, in the purchase of lip balm should pay attention to the production date or shelf life in the logo, try to buy the year of production.Secondly, any skin care products, it is best to use up quickly after opening.