Hainan: Ensure that after-school service personnel receive subsidies in place

2022-05-08 0 By

China Education News — China Education News (Liu Xiaohui) The Education Department of Hainan province recently issued a notice requiring schools to pay subsidies for after-school services in full and in a timely manner to ensure that teachers and related personnel who participate in after-school services for the fall semester of 2021 will receive subsidies before March 18.In order to implement the spirit of “double reduction” policy, Hainan Education Department, Provincial Finance Department, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security have formulated hainan after-school service funding guarantee policy.However, it is reported that some cities and counties (districts) in Hainan have not implemented the financial subsidy funds, have not formulated the fund guarantee plan, and have not issued after-school service subsidies in full and timely manner.Some cities, counties (districts) did not clear subsidy policies, did not straighten out the subsidy issuance procedures, the issuance of various ways, low standards, increased the burden of teachers, affecting the promotion of the “double reduction” work.Hainan requires all cities, counties (districts) to ensure that financial subsidies for after-school services are fully implemented in the spring semester of 2022, clarify the standards for after-school service fees, and urge primary and secondary schools to formulate subsidy funds distribution plans in accordance with the “one school, one policy” and timely distribute subsidy funds.It is necessary to establish and improve the long-term mechanism of after-school service funding guarantee, formulate after-school service implementation plans and supporting policies, clarify the funding guarantee mechanism, include after-school service subsidy funds into the financial budget, issue after-school service fee documents, clarify the charging standards and publicize them to the public.In order to straighten out the distribution mechanism of subsidy funds, in principle, the distribution method should be unified within the county, and the distribution procedure should be simple and clear, so as not to increase the work burden of the staff.Around the education department of hainan province in a comprehensive check list, on the basis of jointly with the finance departments and so on, hair to conduct on-site inspections and investigations, issue, not in time for school personnel and classes exist fraud, false number to obtain funds, problems in a timely manner to correct violations charges, for alleged violations, serious responsibility shall be investigated for relevant personnel.Author: Liu Xiaohui