Lengshuijiang Bureau of Justice launched the activity of “France Run Sanxiang” jinan University student volunteers “Sending Law to the countryside”

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Recently, Lengshuijiang City justice Bureau launched the “France Run Sanxiang” Jinan University student volunteers “send The Law to the countryside” activity.University student volunteers went into families to distribute information on the rule of law.Loudi, February 18 (Correspondent Wei Dan) In order to further promote the “Eighth Five-year plan” work of law popularization, give full play to the role of law popularization among college students, carry out innovative activities of “sending law to the countryside”, and vigorously strengthen the construction of rural areas under the rule of law, recently,Lengshuijiang Bureau of Justice organized 6 returning college students volunteers from Hunan Judicial Police Vocational College and Hunan Agricultural University Oriental Science and Technology College to carry out the activity of “France Run Sanxiang” jinan University student volunteers “sending Law to the countryside”.In the activity, college students volunteers through the law into the community, into the park, into the shops, into the family to release the rule of law publicity materials and on-site legal advisory services, the prevention of telecommunications fraud, road traffic safety, drug prevention and other knowledge carried on the focus of publicity.And combined with their own legal knowledge of legal aid, production safety, epidemic prevention and control and other questions to the masses for warm and patient answers, has been widely welcomed by the masses.The activity issued a total of more than 500 copies of publicity materials for the rule of law, more than 10 legal advice, effectively guide the masses to study the law seriously, consciously abide by the law, find the law when things happen, solve problems by the law, further improve the people’s legal awareness, enhance the people’s concept of the rule of law, create a good atmosphere of the rule of law.College students volunteers have also said that such legal voluntary service activities not only enhance their sense of social responsibility and mission, improve the ability to contact the theory of practice, and in the process of publicity to deepen the understanding of consolidating the legal knowledge, rich social experience, it can be said that benefit, more participation in the future.Next, lengshuijiang city judicial bureau will give full play to the judicial administrative function advantage, innovation dissemination way, improve the franco-prussian effect, continue to college students in summer and winter vacation “send method to the countryside” activity, for the construction of “rule of law, the cold water river” into “green power”, for the masses to provide more accurate legal services, and provide strong legal support for promoting rural revitalization.