“Record more wonderful moments of the Beijing Winter Olympics”

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“Through the lens, I have indissoluble connection with the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Richard Lamm, a Canadian photography manager at the National Bobsled Center, has worked at seven Olympic Games since the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, and he was impressed by the Beijing Winter Olympics.”China attaches great importance to the preparations for the Winter Olympic Games and has made meticulous preparations.The venue has a great sense of design, the track is well constructed, and high-tech technologies such as 5G are used to guarantee the smooth running of the event.”The National Snow Sled Center “Snow Tour Dragon” is built according to the mountain, and the track twists and turns in the mountains, just like a soaring dragon.Mr. Lam said the snow Dragon would appeal to photographers differently depending on the light of day.After the heavy snow, the venue and track are adding a few minutes of quiet feeling.Lam ran around the snow Dragon in order to create a point map for photographers to introduce and assign points to photographers of different media types.Every day during the tournament, Lahm comes to the stadium around 6 a.m. to prepare.A day of racing, Rahm’s presence with the event, often busy late into the night.Seeing the smooth operation of the media photography area in competition after competition, and seeing the photos and videos taken in the “Snow Tour Dragon”, Ram felt that his efforts were worthwhile.”It is not easy for athletes to train. The most exciting moment is when they finish the race.Media reporters hope to record more wonderful moments of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and freeze the bright smiles of athletes through their cameras.”During the Beijing Winter Olympics, Lam said, he got along well with his Chinese colleagues and volunteers and worked together to ensure the normal operation of the games.”We have a good relationship and spend Spring Festival together, feeling like a family.””The closed-loop management here is very good.I feel safe working here.”After the Beijing Winter Olympics, Lam plans to publish his photos in China so that more foreign people can appreciate the charm of the “Double Olympic City” and learn the wonderful story of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Original title: “Record more wonderful moments of Beijing Winter Olympics”