“Zhejiang News Broadcast” focuses on the “Small goal of Common Prosperity” of Jinkai Enterprise

2022-05-08 0 By

In the journey towards common prosperity, zhejiang’s private enterprises are witnesses, beneficiaries, participants and promoters.February 13, “Zhejiang News broadcast” special planning “my small goal of total wealth” into the province part of the private enterprises to listen to the New Year wishes of employees, understand their small goal of total wealth.The zero-run vehicle located in Jinhua New energy vehicle town has mastered three vehicle platforms and autonomous driving system and other core technologies.Su Xueya, engineer of manufacturing department of Zero-run Vehicle Intelligent Manufacturing Base, said: “Now all the cars carried in the cars belong to our” sanpower “self-developed products. (this year) our goal is to produce 200,000 vehicles and build our future factory.”