New weapon against terrorism!The picture of the people’s Armed Police force (PAPF) deploying Z-20 and cooperating with z-8G formation in training was exposed

2022-05-09 0 By · Studio on February 20 reported: after the installation of the army, navy, zh-20 came another good news!The People’s Armed Police Z-20 also made its first public appearance, according to official pictures.From the appearance point of view, in addition to the fuselage coating, the armed police version of the straight-20 and ordinary air version is not much different.The Z-20 is in service with the People’s Armed Police Force, and one of the accompanying pictures in the article has at least three of them, which shows its impressive production.An article titled “Refuse to lie down, Practice!” was published on the official wechat account of the People’s Armed Police Force on Monday.The wechat article, focusing on the armed police training ground around the hot preparation for training.Among them, it reported that a detachment of the second Mobile Corps of the Armed Police carried out combat sorties, multi-aircraft formation flight and other real-combat training, focusing on improving pilots’ driving skills and cooperative combat capabilities.The figure of Zh-20 appears in the picture accompanying the article.It can be seen from the picture that The Z-20 is conducting multi-aircraft formation flight and formation flight training with the Z-8G.The z-20 fuselage has two characters “armed police” and armed police force flag painting, and the “armed police” word painting on the belly of the aircraft.The surface color of the fuselage is also different from that of the Air version, which seems to be olive green of the armed police version.In addition, compared with the air version, the armed Police version of zh-20 front aircraft tail more than three convex devices, it is not clear what purpose.As China’s new-generation 10-ton general transport helicopter, the Z-20 has been attracting great attention from the outside world since it made its public debut at the military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 2019.As the Land Aviation version of zh-20 frequently appeared in the training field, even in the form of a group of aircraft, it shows that the aircraft has gradually formed combat effectiveness.As hna version of the straight -20, in fact, as early as the beginning of this year, the official has been open.On January 6, the South China Sea Fleet’s official wechat account released a report on the opening of the New Year training, the hna version of the Zh-20 appeared.This is the first time that the PLA officially released photos of the HELICOPTER after the flight test of the HNA Zh-20, and it can be inferred that the helicopter has been put into service.The Z-20 has been in mass service with the Army and navy, and is now also equipped with the Armed Police force, which confirms what Deng Jinghui, chief designer of the Z-20, said in an interview earlier.”My biggest wish is that it (zhi-20) will be developed to serve not only our army, but also our air Force, navy and armed police.We want it to be an evergreen tree.”In addition to the Z-20, there was another star helicopter in the training, the Z-8G.Photo caption: The straight-8G of a detachment of the Second Mobile Corps of the Armed Police, with olive green painting on the fuselage.According to, on May 14, 2021, the Office of The State Council earthquake relief Headquarters, the Ministry of Emergency Management and the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government jointly held the “Emergency Mission 2021” earthquake relief exercise.During the exercise, the ministry carried an unmanned remote-controlled bulldozer, which made its debut as high-tech rescue equipment and a plateau type CAPF Zhi-8G helicopter.Straight-8g is an improvement on the basis of straight-8, the “G” in straight-8G stands for “high”, all straight-8G is sometimes called “straight-8 high” by military fans.Zhi-8g transport helicopter is specially designed for the plateau, and is the first large-scale plateau transport helicopter independently developed by China.It can start at an altitude of 4,500 meters and fly at an altitude of more than 6,000 meters, making it one of the highest flying models among all domestic helicopters.In October 2019, the new domestically made military transport helicopter zhi-8G made its public debut at the fifth Tianjin International Helicopter Expo.As the largest domestically produced transport helicopter, the Z-8G can have a take-off weight of 13 tons.It is equipped with three powerful engines, which can not only provide sufficient power for the aircraft, but also increase the safety of the aircraft.During a direct-8G flight, if one engine fails, the remaining two engines can still keep the plane flying normally. Even if both engines fail at the same time, only one engine can guarantee the plane to land safely.The Z-8G has six high-lift blades and three engines, giving it a powerful flight capability.Its fuselage uses a variety of new materials to reduce weight, especially anti-icing composite materials, flexible rotor system and domestic auxiliary power units, to ensure the high altitude conditions of the payload.Therefore, zhi-8G can be fully adapted to use in various complex and harsh environments on the plateau or plain, and can be used for mobile transport of troops, transport of weapons and equipment and materials, emergency evacuation of the wounded and sick, rescue and disaster relief, and airdrop landing missions.The deployment of the Z-20 and Z-8G PAPF units in coordinated operations not only ensures the PAPF’s operational capabilities of rapid mobility and flexible assault, but also improves its capabilities of emergency rescue and disaster relief.This will play a very important role in improving the performance of the PAPF’s task functions, such as fighting terrorism, safeguarding national security and social stability, supporting national economic construction and carrying out rescue and disaster relief missions.