16 points ahead of Shenzhen how to be reversed, shenzhen problem?Two words, really

2022-05-10 0 By

Shanghai beat Shenzhen 120-118 to take a 1-0 lead in the quarterfinals of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) playoffs on Thursday night.In the first half, with Shen Zijie’s defense, Shenzhen led Shanghai by 16 points in the first half.However, a good situation when the plot of everyone unexpected, during the suspension of Shen Zijie emotional and he Xining dispute, warmly greeted he Xining’s family.He walked off to the locker room, a rare move in a professional game.This game shenzhen team in the personnel configuration or dominant, lost it is a pity.The reason for the loss is not easy to analyze in two words: infighting.Tomorrow the two teams will play the second game, hope shenzhen team can adjust the positive attitude to face.Shanghai this game or more passive especially salinger this point, the team did not have a good defensive approach.Next salinger this point is very key, Shanghai team can prevent with who limit this point is li Chunjiang headache.