A man in Yangzhou was caught driving without a license in Yizheng

2022-05-10 0 By

On February 17, changhang Public Security Yizheng police station found a man driving a cargo ship on the Yangtze River without a license during an inspection and has been given administrative punishment.Police said that in order to ensure the jurisdiction port after safe return to work and production companies, shipping companies, long-endurance public security yizheng police station the police after the Spring Festival corporation, boats, continuous, uninterrupted for jurisdiction key water such as small mouth, ma qiao, freight terminal, water stations, freight yard and other wading enterprises, key places, all kinds of transportation after security major inspection of the ship.Inspection, the police found that a cargo ship captain need level certificate can drive, and the man driving the ship captain only secondary certificates, turned out to be the man to save employment level of the captain’s salary, to earn more freight, from nantong rugao pulled more than 2000 tons of yellow sand, sailing adventure sheung shui to nanjing long yu wharf, not ChengXiang, ship dock,The first freight has not earned, this morning was long flight police seized its illegal driving without a license.As holiday return to work and production in order to carry out, the police said that by urging port, shipping enterprise to carry out the security responsibility, check docked the ship fire fighting and rescue facilities, the crew and competency, and the relevant personnel to carry out safety education and other measures, timely discover and correct the violation, resolutely put an end to safety in production hidden danger,To provide strong guarantee for the safe and smooth shipping of the Yangtze River after the festival.