Light and shadow figures | Mountain keeper and forest keeper for 40 years

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In recent days, affected by the cold wave climate, bijie city many areas ushered in snow.Located on potou Mountain, Pangyan Village, Yangchang Town, Dafang County, Wang Huawen and his wife raised the national flag early in the morning, put on a raincoat, and set foot on the road to patrol the mountain and protect the forest in the freezing rain, explaining their 40 years of persistence and perseverance.Wang Huawen, 71, is a native of Pangyan Village, Yangchang Town, Dafang County. Over the past 40 years, he has volunteered to plant trees and protect forests, turning more than 600 mu of barren hills into green forests.Now, wang huawen’s daily duty is to patrol the mountains and protect the forests. Only by patrolling the mountains can he feel at ease.In order to protect the forest, Wang huawen built a thatched hut halfway up the mountain.Under his careful care, the hill covered with towering trees.Wang huawen said he would insist on protecting the mountain forest and protect the green mountains for future generations.Source Guizhou photo gallery author Luo Dafu editor Xie Jiajie editor Cheng Jiating Li Yong