Beijing Winter Olympics February 6 schedule, ice hockey match between China and Japan, 9 games 2 gold points

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Beijing Olympics is picking up, together we witnessed the groups mixed doubles relay first gold, witnessed the Wu Dajing crossed the finish line at that moment, in February 6, still have a lot of games, waiting for the audience, the day will have 30 games, produced seven gold MEDALS, China will have nine games, there are two gold project can impact.Let’s take a look at the specific competition schedule.09.05 curling mixed doubles round robin 10th Czech Republic v USA, China v Great Britain 09.30 Figure skating, team, women’s single short 09.30 Snowboarding, women’s slopestyle FinalAt 9 o ‘clock in the morning, curling a mixed round robin continues the 10th round, the Chinese team will be against the British team, after losing to Norway, China suffered a 4 in a row, has been at a disadvantage, wants to obtain victory in the final rounds, hopeless, the final rounds, hope the Chinese team were able to race whereas, many growth experience to improve the strength,After all, there is still a certain gap with powerful opponents.The United States will be against the Czech republic, the Czech republic has been out, the United States and Canada will compete for a top four seats, if the United States against the Czech republic, there will be a great hope to qualify in the first four power, after all, the Czech republic have no advantage, round robin after 10 rounds, the semi-final qualification has also gradually clear.11.00, Alpine skiing, men’s downhill 11.50, Figure skating, team men’s singles free 12.30, Snowboarding, men’s slopestyle Qualification First round, second round 14.05, Curling Mixed doubles Round-robin 11th Round Norway v Sweden, Australia v Switzerland China v Italy, Canada v Czech Republic 14pmChina will play against Italy, Italy is a dark horse in the Winter Olympics, 6-0 at present, has not suffered defeat, visible its condition is very good, facing Italy, China still can not be taken lightly, even if has lost the qualification to advance to the semifinals, also want to play their own state and strength.In addition, Norway and Canada two teams, both have the strength to compete for a top four qualification, Norway is currently sixth, and Canada is fourth, only one game between the two sides, to the third round of the last, whether to qualify is only a matter of inches.15.00, Cross-country skiing, Men’s double Pursuit (15km traditional technique + 15km free technique) 16.30, Speed skating, men’s 5000m 16.40, Ice hockey Women’s first round, China VS Japan 18.00, freestyle skiing, Women’s Moguls Qualification, second round, Final 19.00, Ski jumping,Men’s individual standard First round, final 19.30, Men’s bobsled 3, Skate 4 20.05, Curling mixed doubles round robin 12 Australia v Canada, Italy v Sweden Switzerland v USA, Great Britain v Norway 21.10, Ice hockey Women’s first round, Switzerland v USA 16.40 p.m.Will be the women’s ice hockey group match, China will play against The Japanese team, this game is also crucial, the current China team 3-1 lost to the Czech Republic, 3-1 win over Denmark, a record of one win one loss, facing the Japanese team, China must get the victory of this game.Let’s cheer for the hockey team.At 20pm, curling round robin resumed, a total of 13 round robin matches, into the penultimate round, the top four competition will be more intense.England will go head-to-head with Norway in a game that could decide the top four places.The Italy-Sweden matchup is by far the best between the two top-ranked teams and should be fascinating.On February 6, The Chinese team will compete in nine events, including curling, team women’s single skating, alpine skiing men’s downhill, men’s slopestyle, men’s double chase, women’s moguls, men’s single luge and ice hockey.With the first gold medal in the group, we believe that China’s ice and snow athletes will catch up and win more gold MEDALS in the bag.Come on.