Civilized tourism becomes “New Scenery”

2022-05-11 0 By

“Please show your health code, take your temperature, and wear masks…”February 2, the second day of Chinese New Year, rainy, jiaocheng District Huotong ancient town scenic area attracted some tourists, at the entrance of the scenic area, the staff is using the radio cycle broadcast voice, to remind tourists to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.Stroll around the ancient town, civilized tourism propaganda slogans and epidemic prevention and control tips can be seen everywhere. The scenic area environment is clean and tidy, vehicles are parked in an orderly manner, tourists can consciously scan codes to register in accordance with epidemic prevention and control requirements, and garbage can be thrown into the trash can. Civilized tourism is becoming a trend.”To do a good job of necessary personal protection is responsible for oneself, but also for others and society. While visiting scenic spots, it is more important not to throw away garbage carelessly. A clean and orderly tourism environment cannot be separated from the joint efforts of everyone.”Said Ms. Chen, a tourist.Not only Huotong ancient town, in recent years, the city’s major scenic areas in the protection of a clean and tidy environment at the same time, constantly increase publicity, create a good atmosphere of civilized travel scenic area, advocate tourists civilized travel, let the wind of civilization blow into everyone’s heart, let civilized tourism become a new fashion.Source: Mindong Daily