Financial Bureau of Zibo High-tech Zone: “Financial through-train” bailed out thousands of enterprises

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In 2021, zibo high-tech zone resolutely carry on as “three areas, a window”, the city’s economic construction to ensure the high quality and economic development, efforts to build a regional financial service system, professional financial counselors into the enterprise organization, policy and development, to help thousands of companies bailed out and use practical actions to financial fu can implement.ZhengYinQi cooperation platform, open the “through train” financial service model recently, everbright securities zibo LiuQuan Road yong, general manager of sales department letter will side with “high efficiency for the convenience of the stand” on the banner to the high-tech zone finance bureau, to finance specialist send policy for the enterprise since 2021, thanks to provide financial services.Since 2021, the high-tech zone finance bureau to advance credit and bad loans pressure drop “double breakthrough” work, optimization of regional financial environment, vigorously explore establishing large credit, bank financing needs consult peer review, such as joint risk control mechanism, through the government department to build communication platform, to promote ZhengYinQi tripartite cooperation, to help enterprises to exploit the development channels.The Finance and Finance Bureau of the High-tech Zone has set up 6 financial counseling teams, trained 27 professional financial counselors, brought 130 enterprises into the financial counseling system, and fulfilled 133 financing needs of enterprises totaling 723 million yuan.From January to November of 2021, a total of 453 million yuan of financing needs were solved for 150 tutoring enterprises, with a financing demand satisfaction rate of 54.4%.Ii. Set up a professional financial counseling team, innovate a new mode of supply chain financial services, and continue to optimize the supply of large-sum credit funds in the high-tech zone.Since March 2021, the Finance and Finance Bureau of the High-tech Zone has visited 362 enterprises and banks on how to provide financing services for key enterprises and projects, held symposiums, and set up corresponding special financial work classes to solve the blocking points and difficulties one by one.We will innovate “supply chain guarantee” financing services, guide banks to strengthen credit support in key areas, explore the establishment of consultation mechanisms for large amount of credit capital needs, and encourage banking institutions to help intentional enterprises with large amount of capital needs design financing paths in advance through consultation, so as to improve the availability and success rate of financing.We will explore the establishment of a interbank review mechanism. While giving full play to the initiative of banking institutions, we will integrate the departments of development and reform, industry and information technology, finance, natural resources, and administrative examination and approval, and improve the linkage mechanism between government, banking, and enterprises.Explore the establishment of joint risk prevention and control mechanisms, effectively reduce financing risks by setting up large credit financing committees, strengthening information sharing and strengthening risk control of large credit granting by banks in other places.Reached a guarantee loan scale of 2 billion yuan with Zibo Xinrun Financing Guarantee Co., LTD to help small and micro enterprises develop, and jointly built a guarantee insurance mechanism.After the outbreak of COVID-19, small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) have been hit hard.To help enterprises lighten their burden, up to now, the high-tech Zone has provided 300 loans with discounted interest, totaling 3,524,322 yuan, to small and micro enterprises in its jurisdiction.At the same time, the finance and Finance Bureau of the High-tech Zone also analyzed and judged the investigation of banks and enterprises in the area, selected 5 urban communities and 5 rural new houses in the zone to set up a total of 10 “financial service stations”, and opened a financial service hotline to further improve the quality of service.The main purpose is to spread the concept of “inclusive finance” and related knowledge to the public in a more popular and direct way to serve the public, focusing on the elderly, farmers, the disabled, urban workers and other special groups into the service object of inclusive finance.Fourth, financial guidance will be normalized, and enterprises will be promoted to be listed so that large enterprises will stand firm and small enterprises will be overwhelmed, and regional economic development will be comprehensively promoted.Up to now, zibo High-tech Zone has a total of 126 listed companies, including 9 listed companies, 9 neeQ listed companies, 106 Qilu Equity listed companies, 2 other regional equity markets, and 67 listed resource reserve companies.On July 20, 2021, the high-tech zone became one of the pilot clusters of listed enterprises in Shandong Province.In order to support the healthy and stable development of all kinds of enterprises in the area, the financial and Financial Bureau of the High-tech Zone insists on calling in financial guidance teams and financial experts every Tuesday to Friday for “consultation” of enterprises, introducing the latest financial policies to enterprises, helping enterprises to make suggestions and rescue and solve difficulties.Accelerate and guide more enterprises to enter the financial guidance system of Shandong Province, according to the characteristics and different needs of enterprises, provide “one enterprise one policy” and one-to-one “financial management” service mode.Up to now, it has helped enterprises solve 508 problems and raise 320 million yuan.At present, there are already three companies in the IPO queue, waiting to go public;One enterprise has submitted listing materials to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and another NEEQ enterprise is transferring to the selected layer to push forward the listing process.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: