The Party Working Committee of Shialihe Street, Guancheng Hui District, Zhengzhou held the review meeting on the work of party Secretary and Grassroots Party construction in 2021

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Image network news (Reporter Wang Zhihua, correspondent Zhou Shuangshuang) On January 28, The Party Working Committee held the 2021 annual Secretary of the Grassroots Party construction briefing meeting in Shibalihe Street, Guancheng Hui District, Zhengzhou city. Members of the street team, heads of various departments, and secretaries of the grassroots Party organization Department attended the meeting.At the meeting, each village (community) secretary around the annual party construction work for on-site reporting, street Party working Committee deputy secretary, director Wang Zihui one by one for comments.Other party secretaries made a written statement, and participants made on-site assessments of grassroots Party building, building party conduct and clean government, and ideology.Zi-hui wang pointed out that the secretary of the party organization of the year party construction has made the comprehensive detailed report, can really put themselves in, and the pendulum is in, and the job responsibilities, both tan “report card”, column “question list”, embodies the condensation of grass-roots party organizations, party members and cadres in the mass organization, propaganda and service,Promoted the area of grassroots party building work effective and orderly.The meeting called for strengthening primary responsibility.Tree firmly grasp the bright guidance of the basic level, the overall height of the station, focus on the branch, the basic level grasp, the foundation tamp solid;Focus on the improvement of organizational capacity, carry out the “bright match” activities, take the “Capacity and Style Building Year” as an opportunity to improve the ability to perform duties.Second, we will uphold the guidance of Party building.We will establish three lists for party building guidance, including party secretaries, village (community) secretaries and non-public secretaries.Strengthen integration of grassroots governance, adhere to the guidance of Party construction, promote the orderly progress of street centers and key work, and form a joint force of work.Third, we will strengthen the implementation of responsibilities.In view of the problems in the review, establish a list of problems, formulate rectification plan, strict rectification in place.