Winter Olympics have me!The “temperature” of exclusive medium core is being delivered. Please check

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is about to open. There are a group of people who are quietly contributing to the Winter Olympic Games. Even during the Spring Festival holiday, they are still on duty to deliver warm power for the smooth development of the Winter Olympic Games.On the occasion of the start of spring to contribute to the “nuclear” force of the light for the Olympic Games to bring a bright color for the Olympic athletes cheering hand in hand to the ice and snow appointment!Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which attracted worldwide attention, will be held on February 4, and the prevention and control work for the successful hosting of the Winter Olympic Games is particularly important.In order to fulfill its responsibility as a central enterprise and contribute to the success of China’s Hosting of the Winter Olympics, China Tongfu Zhongtong Rambo, a subsidiary of CNNC, undertook the epidemic prevention and control and testing services for part of the personnel, supplies, instruments and equipment for the Winter Olympics.In order to ensure the quality and quantity of epidemic prevention and detection tasks for the Winter Olympics, Zhongtong Rambo immediately selected a group of experienced business backbone to form a guarantee team for the Winter Olympics.As soon as the Team was established, it took immediate action. First, it issued specific technical guidelines for sample collection based on the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympics and the collection standards for COVID-19 specimens on surfaces issued by the Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Supervision, and scientifically analyzed and designed the collection sites, areas and quantities.At the same time, a closed-loop design was carried out for the whole process, and centralized training and drills were carried out for relevant service personnel.After intensive and orderly preparations, the Winter Olympics support team quickly engaged in the sampling and testing of relevant venues, equipment and personnel of the Winter Olympics.According to the guidelines, all sampling needs to be carried out in the open air.The wind was so fierce that the group would stand for hours, losing feeling in their hands.They had to put it off again and again in time for dinner.But they never complained, let alone lowered their working standards, because they knew very well that the quality of their work is directly related to the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control of the Winter Olympics.Since entering into the guarantee service work of the Winter Olympic Games, Zhongtong Rambo has completed the detection task efficiently and made its own contribution to the success of the Winter Olympic Games with its practical actions.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Zhongtong Lambo has actively responded to the call of CPC Central Committee and superior Party committees, and has devoted itself to epidemic prevention and control with a strong sense of political responsibility and mission.With rambo in 2 years, in the first place to form a team, actively support the wuhan, Beijing, shijiazhuang, nanjing, zhengzhou, chengdu and other more epidemic prevention and control work, and get the recognition of the local government and the people, and also won the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the nuclear group, China’s treasure and the People’s Republic of China with radial recognition such as higher level units.During the Winter Olympic Games, Zhongtong Rambo will continue to give full play to its advantages, fulfill its duties and strive for excellence. We will do our best to ensure the high quality and high standard of service and guarantee the smooth holding of the Winter Olympic Games. We will contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic and look forward to the future together with the Winter Olympic Games!Power games city volunteers in action in early January, the nuclear group should xicheng district youth corps committee, called on the youth volunteer association, from the Beijing area unit nearly 80 to participate in the application of youth in the selection the 32 with high political quality and volunteer work of experienced and qualified outstanding youth volunteers, to join the xicheng district games volunteer service activities.Recently, the Youth League Committee of CNNC organized the young workers who participated in the volunteer activity to hold the mobilization meeting and pre-job training of urban volunteer service activities for the Olympic And Paralympic Winter Games, and awarded the flag to the youth volunteer service team.The meeting focused on watching and studying the Olympic knowledge promotional video, emphasizing the discipline requirements and conveying the arrangement of volunteer service.The meeting stressed that to carry out xi jinping, general secretary of the Beijing Olympics and the winter paralympic games organising work the important instructions of spirit, more consciously stood at the height of the “head of the country”, deep understanding of Beijing Olympics and winter paralympics significance, enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of mission, real will of the CPC Central Committee decision deployment and wl TuanOuWei work requirements in place,Conscientiously perform their duties, abide by work disciplines, adhere to epidemic prevention and guarantee, give full play to the role of CNNC young party members, do practical and detailed work with higher standards, and let the Party flag and the League flag fly in the volunteer service front line.This volunteer service activity started from January 22 to March 10. During weekends and holidays, we will publicize the knowledge of the Winter Olympics in guangwai Street service station, and create a good atmosphere during the Winter Olympics.According to the unified arrangements of the Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics and the deployment of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee on epidemic prevention and control, all the 32 volunteers have received the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine and taken nucleic acid tests before and after taking up their posts to ensure that their responsibilities for epidemic prevention are fully fulfilled.Let’s enjoy the most beautiful city volunteers of CNNC Winter Olympic Games source | Video of Youth Volunteers Association of CNNC | Editor of CNNC Rambo propaganda and Culture Center | Moderated by Wang Siqi | Duan Xinrui