8000 yuan old generation step car, factory price how much?Can you buy it safely?Just do the math

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Please click “follow” before reading, we will provide you with more valuable related content later, thank you for your support.Low price is a good thing, it can allow ordinary people to enjoy a more affordable price, but low price is often linked to low quality, so that people are not so assured to buy, especially transportation, if it is “poorly made”, it will affect the safety of road driving, consumers pay more attention to.Transportation, small xin going to talk about is the old age of the elderly with walking, its price disparity is very big, there are 8, about the price, but there are also thousands of yuan, the price of the same four-wheel electric cars, why there are such a big gap, the price will be so often, a net friend ask these low-cost old car instead of walking, what can you buy.In fact, the elderly and electric cars in the production process is the same, are dependent on parts and components assembly, we can through accounting, roughly calculate the cost of a car, for many netizens concerned about the low elderly scooter can buy the problem, xiao Xin to calculate 8000 yuan of elderly scooter, factory price?Can you buy it safely?Calculate a pen account to understand, I hope to have a certain reference value for everyone to choose a car.8000 yuan of old car instead of walking, ex-factory price of accounting that “electric” car costs, mainly concentrated in the frame, body, battery, motor, controller, tires, seats, etc. These larger components, and as low-priced models of 8000 yuan, it will not too much additional configuration, the core components of cost can reach more than 90%.Considering that when choosing vehicles, we are mainly based on models with brand power, Xiaoxin found a four-wheel old scooter from flying pigeon brand. I calculated an account for you according to its configuration to see how much its factory cost needs.This flying pigeon card cool car, the price is about 8000 yuan, its core components of the main costs are as follows;Battery: equipped with 60V45AH lead-acid battery, according to the market price, a group of 12V45AH battery needs 34 yuan, then, 60V is 5 groups, its cost price is about 1500 yuan;Motor: it is equipped with a 1000W power positive wave motor, which is a relatively high cost component of four-wheel electric vehicle. However, the 1000W power motor is not large, and its market price cost is about 800 yuan.Controller: the vehicle standard with 18 tube controller, and the price of the controller itself is expensive, its market price is about 150 yuan;Body and frame: the size of the vehicle is 2.4×1.25×1.65 meters, and more than 20,000 models, the length of the vehicle is basically in 3.5 days, this 8000 yuan model belongs to a relatively small model, which means that the cost of the body and frame will be lower, according to the manufacturing cost, it is generally about 1000 yuan to 1500 yuan;Tires: Except the standard vacuum tires of big brands of automobile, tires are crucial parts affecting vehicle safety. Although it is a low-cost car, its tires are basically the same as those of models costing 20,000 yuan. The cost of four tires should be about 800 yuan.Vehicle brake light: the lamp adopts high cost LED headlights, and the brake is the rear disc brake, which costs about 300 yuan.Vehicle seat interior: the vehicle is designed for 3 seats, while others also include the steering wheel, display screen, glass and so on. Because these parts do not directly affect safety, they are generally low models, converted together, and can be controlled within 1000 yuan.According to the above situation, we carefully calculate the account, 1500+800+150+1000+800+300+1000 = 5400 yuan, then, its factory price cost should be about 5400 yuan to 5900 yuan.8000 yuan old age car, can you trust to buy?After the completion of this calculation, we will look at the price of the elderly scooter, can be assured to buy, can buy mainly depends on the manufacturer in the middle can make a profit, after all, there is no profit space, it is impossible to sell, and the sale of vehicles, is bound to have “dirty”.According to the calculation of the factory cost of 5,400 yuan to 5,900 yuan, the manufacturer has a gross profit of 10% to 15%. Then, the cost price of the merchant’s car is about 6000 yuan to 6500 yuan, then, the merchant sells 8000 yuan, there will be a gross profit margin of 1500 yuan to 2000 yuan. According to the law of economics, such a car can be safely bought.In general, there is no “trick”.Can buy, so, of course, is limited on the basis of the above the car equipped with relatively simple, if a $8000 elderly walking car, and is equipped with air conditioning or carrying a large capacity of the battery, obviously the factory cost is relatively high, which makes businesses sell have been “unprofitable”, then, is obviously does not comply with the market rules, such low-cost cars,Xiaoxin is not recommended to choose.What aspects should we pay attention to when choosing the old walking car?Xiao Xin to give advice, then, in the choice of the elderly scooter, in the face of many products, how to choose the owner?For different needs, Xiaoxin gives suggestions;When selecting a brand above all, try to choose some products with brand, even if there is the product of brand awareness, mostly is assembled, however, has the brand manufacturers, will do more in the “quality control” in place, although with a low price, but also can stick to the principle, relatively more credibility, buy more at ease.The second is the choice of price. For the elderly scooter, Xiaoxin thinks it is not necessary to choose some models of 20,000 or 30,000 yuan. The premium of additional configuration is higher than the basic configuration like battery and motor.The last is about the old car instead of walking can choose problem, if you place is in rural and township where is can choose, but if it is a city, can you choose must verify the local traffic administration, there are a lot of places, is forbidden to use this kind of car, or find a violation on the road will, therefore, can verify the good this step on the road, the don’t save.So, when you choose a scooter for the elderly, what price will you choose?Welcome everyone to comment and exchange, pay attention to Xiaoxin, share electric vehicle related information and views every day.