Have a boyfriend, meet better should break up?

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Should you break up with someone you already have a boyfriend but meet someone better?Many people have texted me a similar question. For you, this question already has an answer, because you already have the “better” option in your mind.At the slightest signal from a better man, the voracious serpent inside you will spout a secret message, one by one destroying your sense of morality and guilt and swallowing it up.So why don’t you just let it go and be honest, and at least when you’re together you’ll be honest with each other.It is better to fall in love and talk about being in a different bed. When you hold hands with him, you think of another person. Therefore, since you have desire, you should face it calmly and be sincere in each love.These words, above is my answer to the question, the following words is I want to talk to all the people who see this problem said, you know, “better” in fact it is not difficult to find at all, as long as careful observation, you will find that men must have a boyfriend, more mature than they are now, around a woman also must have girlfriend sexier than now,But the significance of a partner is never a simple comparison of pros and cons. He is one of the few fairy tales we can choose to believe in in the mundane world.I have always insisted on a point of view, that is, love is something you believe it does not necessarily exist, you do not believe it does not exist.When you judge your partner in terms of pros and cons, the relationship becomes a game for you, and you become a player on one side of the board.Today, I may win this game because I met a better one, and tomorrow I may lose the next game because I met a better one.Chess players don’t really enjoy this sense of stability.You keep a cat for three years, you will not abandon it just because you meet a more colorful one on the road, because you regard it as your family. If you can give it up easily, you will never have a chance to have a family in the future, you will only have one cat after another.I had also thought that is not attractive to break up, but then I know that, over time, no attraction it is actually a norm, not the value of the other party itself, but it is at this time is the sublimation of real emotions, the appeal of the original into a company, became the spirit of mutual support,It becomes the determination and commitment of two people to go on together.This is not chicken soup, but what happens is that after the honeymoon period, we go into a period of adjustment, where we do start to tire of the relationship, but survive this period of our feelings for our partner.It will gradually ferment into a deeper emotion.If you can’t stand the run-in period, you can let it go, and then you’ll know that every relationship is like that. If you just go for attraction, you’ll end up breaking up and starting over and over again.So remember that true love is just beginning to emerge when you feel your feelings start to fade.Of course, you can give up and find a new relationship, but the price is that you will never escape the cycle of novelty.