Why is the 35-year-old phenomenon particularly prominent in China?

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Discuss the logic behind why you are eliminated or disliked at 35 in China.When I was a state-owned enterprise, I was also a core technology department in the industry, but what I actually did was to copy the work of Europe and America. We copied what others had, but we did it very slowly, basically 10 to 20 years slower than others.In this case, does an individual’s technical ability matter?Important, but not that important.Because a lot of pit foreigners have filled in, what you do is nothing more than repeat, of course, there are difficulties, but you have to think about if something from nothing, dare to try how difficult.For example, the difficulty of designing a car before you have seen a car is not the same as that of designing a car after you have seen a car.The latter tend not to require a great deal of knowledge and experience.So, age, experience is not that valuable to work after a certain period of time.The direct result of this situation is that once you reach middle age, after 35, your life value is constantly repeating, if you can’t keep up with the iterative update of knowledge, it will be more and more diss by young people.The only way to change that is to take a leadership position.A large number of those who could not go on the leadership post were gradually marginalized and even eliminated.Competition within state-owned enterprises is not that fierce, and if you are content to be an ordinary employee, there is usually work for you, all kinds of low-value jobs waiting to be filled.Of course, don’t even think about it.If you can’t do any of these chores, or if you can’t physically keep up, there may be some that are optimized.The talent reserve center that calls interior is set to these people.After 35 want to enter a state-owned enterprise, is not impossible, the difficulty is not small.Not to mention private companies.A large number of private enterprises are very low, business owners, through certain relationships get some report for projects, use a high penetration of technology on the market, with the orientation of project implementation, to make a run, most of them don’t care about technical accumulation, the technology in the middle of the money they Jonathan is a front role, therefore,You expect them to hire you when you’re older?Can you work 12-hour days for months without overtime pay?Foreign companies are relatively good, although in recent years, the news of layoffs in foreign companies has been exposed.Some “nursing home” institutes are closed from time to time, but there are still many foreign companies that actually house many older engineers.Anyone over 50.But what they do is they limit the increase in pay, and the gap between older people and younger people is small to zero.Of course, compared with state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, it is still basically the salary level of middle managers in state-owned enterprises or private enterprises.Foreign companies are willing to keep these old employees, because the work they do has a lot of core skills, and their age and experience are of great help to the job fluency.In a word, in the same country, in different enterprises, there are also great differences.Often see the system, state-owned enterprises recruitment regulations are 40 or even 35 below, can not help but be a sigh.Foreign companies often need to add disabilities to the software auxiliary functions, curious to know more about the original people have a system to stipulate how many civil servants must have the proportion of the disabled, and these disabled people to work, must have to provide support for them.Do not know whether the family also has similar regulations to the elderly.There were always some old, white-haired engineers there, and I thought, there must be something different.Every point of view deserves to be seen and every attitude deserves to be respected.In this way, the world will be more colorful.Welcome your collection, attention, message, appreciation.In this world, we look forward to moving forward with you.This article is for more information exchange and does not represent the organization’s position. Please feel free to contact us if you have any relevant issues.