2-1!Arsenal have avenged their victory in the final four with alexandre Lacazette turning into Giroud

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Arsenal VS Brentford on February 19.In the first half, neither team scored;In the second half, Smith – Luo, Saka break, Norgau pull back a goal.In the end, Arsenal beat Brentford 2-1.Arsenal lost 2-0 at Brentford in the opening round of the Premier League, followed by 2-0 at Chelsea and 5-0 at Manchester City.All of a sudden, Arteta’s class broke out.Thankfully, the Arsenal hierarchy insisted otherwise…So this game, not only Arsenal, but also Arteta’s revenge.In the first half, neither team scored.Lacazette set up Smith – Luo to break the deadlock in the 47th minute of the second half.In the 79th minute, Sacca scored.Near the end of the game, Norgau scored.Gunners got their revenge by beating The Bees 2-1.The three points take Arsenal to 42, level with West Ham and a point behind Manchester United.But let’s look at the number of matches: Arsenal 23, West Ham 26, Manchester United 25.There is no doubt that In the final four, Arsenal have the advantage.Lacazette still failed to score in the match, extending his goal drought to seven games.Lacazette, however, is a prolific assist taker, making five in the league this season and leading the team in assists.As a centre-forward, he can’t score goals and he can’t assist.Who does this remind you of?Giroud is the first choice.So there is a tradition at Arsenal.Arsenal starters: 32- Ramsdale, 3- Tierney, 4- Ben White, 6- Gabriel, 17- Cedric, 5- Thomas, 8- Erdegaard, 10- Smith Rowe, 34- Zaca, 7- Saca, 9- Lacazette Brentford starters:1 David Raya, 20 Ayer, 5 Pinnock, 18 Quintus Janssen, 3 Rico Henry, 6 Norgao, 7 Canos, 8 Matthias Janssen, 10 da Silva, 11 Visa, 19 Mbemo