Housing price in 13 cities in Jiangsu: Changzhou is close to 20,000 yuan, Suzhou 32,210 yuan/square meter, Nanjing up

2022-05-14 0 By

The 13 cities of Jiangsu province are now eager to try. 2022 is also a crucial year for the development of many provinces. But in Jiangsu Province, the three cities of Jiangsu, Wuxi and Changzhou are of more decisive development significance.Nowadays, the industrial structure of the three representative cities in Jiangnan has been greatly adjusted, and the competitiveness is also gradually improving. Changzhou is riding fast!From the point of view of ordinary prefecture-level city, Changzhou and Wuxi have the strength to contend with each other, only Suzhou really achieved a ride dust-free!Through the latest 2022 housing price data of 13 cities in Jiangsu, we found at a glance that the first place (Nanjing) has the fastest sequential growth rate!It has reached 10.06%, so the trend of rising in Nanjing still exists.The housing price in Changzhou is close to 20,000 yuan, while in Suzhou, it is 32,210 yuan per square meter.It has to be said that the housing price can also detect the situation of regional economic development. This month, Changzhou held the “Industrial Development Conference of the whole city”, and clearly proposed to revive the former manufacturing industry in Changzhou and become a city with one trillion GDP.In the competition between the Yangtze river delta urban agglomeration, we see the showdown between the strong, the more in the end, the strength of significant differences, to highlight the industry leading development in changzhou, put forward the high standards of the target, will play the advantages of its own manufacturing, growing advanced manufacturing industry cluster, as well as the construction of high growth industry, such as:Industrial Internet, robots, intelligent connected vehicles, air and space information, artificial intelligence and other industrial chains!What do you think about that?