In ancient times, escorting and bantering female prisoners, back and forth thousands of miles, why the yamen are still competing to go

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One crime common in feudal times was exile.Since the Qin Dynasty, the punishment of exile has been included in the laws of various dynasties and has become the most common means of punishing criminals.For some nobles who had committed serious crimes, the emperor would show his mercy by executing the chief criminals and sending their families into exile.In ancient times, transportation was not convenient, and exile would be in very remote places.In the Qing Dynasty, for example, many criminals were banished to Ninggu Pagoda.The thousands of miles from Ningkouta to Beijing and back were mostly on legs, and if the escorts had lost sight of the prisoners they would have been responsible.However, if there are female prisoners who are transported to exile, the government officers rush to go, why is this?The journey to exile was a difficult one, not only for the prisoners, but also for the officers who escorted them.In a qing dynasty case in which 61 people were sentenced to exile in the Northeast, only 20 prisoners were successfully transported to their designated places of exile.Of the 61 prisoners in the convoy, 17 died on the way, one disappeared, and 33 escaped, which shows how difficult the journey was.At that time, many convicts were sent to what is now northeast China, and they could not ride horses but relied on the legs of officers and convicts.The journey of the escort was a trial to both the officer and the prisoner.In ancient times, the lightest shackles were more than 20 jin, and the heavier ones were up to 40 jin. Prisoners, both male and female, had to wear shackles.In warm weather, the heavy shackles would chafe and fester the wrists and necks of prisoners, and as prisoners they could not bathe on the way, and both officers and prisoners had to endure the stench.The prisoners had a hard time, and the magistrates, too, lived in fear.For fear that the prisoners might escape or be rescued, the officers might be severely punished if they failed to watch the prisoners.Escorting prisoners did not mean that the yamen could go as long as they wanted. All the dynasties and dynasties had strict regulations on the date of escorting prisoners.According to the regulations of the Qing Dynasty, they could not walk less than 25 kilometers a day.It was a 3,000-kilometer round trip from the capital to Ningguta, and it was required that prisoners be sent to their designated place of exile within 60 days.Yamen were also required to go to the capital within 60 days to submit relevant documents to prove they had completed their mission.Because the work of escorting prisoners to exile is very hard, so the yamen are not willing to do it, but when it comes to escorting female prisoners to exile the yamen are scrambling to do it.Transporting women prisoners is a very hard job, but when it comes to transporting women prisoners, most government officers are willing to do it.The main reason was that it was easier to transport women prisoners, many of whom were secretly handed a large sum of money by their families before they left.The reason need not say clearly, the yamen are also well known, is to let the female prisoners in the way of escort not too hard.Of course, the family conditions of female prisoners are good and bad, if you encounter a big family yamen this trip can be saved.Big families were selling hundreds of liang of silver bills, up to half the yamen’s lifetime income.In ancient times, the yamen were the salary of the imperial court, and the yamen naturally scrambled to do it if they could get a good salary for escorting a female prisoner.Even if female prisoners from poor families were exiled, their families would smash POTS and sell iron to collect some broken silver.It wasn’t much money, but it was extra money for the yamen, and something was better than nothing.Of course, this is not the only reason.The second reason is that it is easier to transport women prisoners.Male prisoners are more likely to escape in exile if they are able-bodied, and if they have a few friends, the situation is more dangerous.Ancient women pay attention to the door, two doors do not advance, the overall quality is weaker than men.Secondly, in ancient times, women had to have their feet bound, and their bones were severely deformed. It was difficult for them to walk, let alone escape, so it was less dangerous and easier for the government servants to escort women prisoners.In addition to the above two reasons, the third reason is that transporting women prisoners is less stressful.Although in ancient times it was not as introversion as in modern times, the organized staff had a strict attendance system, and the government servants had to put up with all kinds of trivial matters, in case their immediate superiors were unhappy, they had to take it out on themselves.Transporting a prisoner is at least a business trip, as long as you can get the prisoner to their destination on time.Female prisoners are easier to manage and can make a sum of extra money, the yamen escort prisoners is a business trip naturally also have a salary, escort female prisoners compared to the ordinary business trip is a little hard, but overall it is still a good job.Another very important reason for sending women prisoners was that the personal desires of the officers could be satisfied on the way.Many of the women prisoners in exile had to travel dozens of kilometers by day and then wait on the officers at night, a reason that the officers knew was hidden and the officials turned a blind eye.In feudal times, the status of women was very low, and men used to treat women as tools and accessories to be played with at will.If you meet a government officer of a better character, who knows how to use people’s money to eliminate disasters for people, you will not have any unreasonable thoughts about the female prisoners, but inevitably some of them will change their mind.Most of the male prisoners who were exiled in ancient times became coolies or were recruited to fight.Women prisoners in exile, most of them ended up in the church when they arrived at their place of exile.Jiao Fang si sounds good, but it was actually a place for ancient soldiers to vent their desires.Some government officials thought that the women prisoners would be sent to the place of exile anyway, so the government officials also had a wild idea.For a variety of reasons, it can be seen that escorting female prisoners in exile was a very lucrative job in the eyes of many government officials, even if it required thousands of miles to and from the government.In ancient times, prisoners, whether male or female, had no human rights and were not respected.Male prisoners in exile have a chance to live again if they are pardoned, but female prisoners in exile, after suffering both physical and mental torture, are hardly able to return to society. In particular, there is almost no hope for female prisoners in The Church.Women prisoners in ancient times were almost doomed to spend the rest of their lives in humiliation once they were exiled.The most pathetic thing is that most of the female prisoners were convicted by the male members of their families, and they had no chance to defend themselves against the supreme imperial power.Whether on the journey of exile or at the end of exile, what awaits them is often a painful ordeal.