Michelle Ice City, it’s getting bitter

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Michelle Ice City is always popular.Some time ago, it released a new song “Snow King selling Glutinous rice balls”. Despite the promotion in all aspects, the results were embarrassing.This kind of copycat theme song wants to explode again the behavior, the audience does not buy it, the amount of play and attention are not a fraction of the former.Everyone knows the heart of Michelle Ice City.If the marketing model is not copied successfully, it is not a big problem. Returning to the main business, Michelle Ice City is quite skilled in copying “Michelle Ice City”.Recently, The coffee brand Lucky Cafe has expanded to 550 stores.The quiet, lucrative project, Michelle Ice City, has been a long time in the making, having been incubated as early as 2017, but has been lukewarm over the past few years, with little media and Internet activity.Until 2019, Zhang Hongfu, general manager of Michelle Ice City, led the team to formally invest in this project.They teamed up with marketing companies to upgrade the brand and redefine lucky coffee.First, the LOGO was changed from the previous “small blue cup” to the image of “king of plum blossom wearing sunglasses”.Store style from the previous simple wind into a very friendly, never afraid of consumption can not afford to go into the earth wind.(Picture from network) External change is paving the way, the floor tile price that challenges the bottom line of the industry is the highlight — as low as 5 yuan, the highest is not more than 15 yuan.Light milk latte, fresh ground American, all 5 yuan, familiar name, unfamiliar price, Starbucks will be silent, luckin will cry.At the same price as instant and bottled coffee, consumers initially placed orders with a “are you ground coffee brewed that cheap?” and ended up with a real cup of freshly ground coffee.According to the official website of Lucky Coffee, its raw materials are: Mengniu pure milk, Anyue lemon, beans from four countries, “selected coffee beans from Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, exclusive blend scheme”.If it is a new independent brand to play these exciting tricks, sooner or later, they will play themselves to death, but the lucky coffee obviously has the confidence, is the so-called back against the tree to enjoy the shade.02 Michelle Ice City in the copy of “Michelle Ice City” in the lucky cafe, there is a very heavy Michelle Ice City shadow, the core of which is still specializing in the sinking market fancy play.From the perspective of positioning, aiming at the sinking market, the youth market, the student party market.All three have one thing in common: they have a strong consumer need and are willing to pay for curiosity, but they have limited spending power.A sound, social and affordable, quality brand, no doubt directly to their “vital”.From the geographical point of view, lucky coffee from the base of Henan gradually infiltrate outward;Data from Narrow Door Restaurant show that more than 75% of its stores are in third-tier, fourth-tier and fifth-tier cities, and nearly 16% are in new first-tier cities, where the number of stores is zero.In terms of specific site selection, according to Meituan, most of them are located in commercial streets and commercial squares with large flow of people.There are many fourth – and fifth-tier cities in China, where there are not many milk tea shops but not many coffee shops.Human nature is sweet, and coffee is popular in the first and second tier cities, the dependence of a large white-collar group is the key, do not drink a cup of ice American in the morning, many social animals can not open their eyes;The pace of life in lower-tier cities is slow, and bitter coffee may be an occasional taste.Of course, this is just for the function of coffee, working people in first – and second-tier cities need more caffeine to wake them up.But in other ways, the lack of coffee in the sinking market is precisely what means.Like drinking hobbies and habits, both of which can be cultivated.Luckin did not become the “light of domestic coffee” in the end, but it played a great role in the cultivation of Chinese coffee consumption habits.Luckin successfully educates consumers by relentlessly handing out coupons, letting them know that coffee is not just like starbucks, that it is not high-end, and that anyone who wants to drink a cup of high-quality coffee can spend only 10 yuan or so.And in the super roll-in the new beverage industry, there are still brands that there is still plenty of room for decline, Michelle Ice City with their own lucky coffee 5 yuan a cup of freshly ground coffee to prove it.Low prices are at the heart of temptation and habit building.As reported by Jiemian News, Michelle Ice City said, “The essence of chain is replication, and What Michelle Ice City is best at is replication, as long as it builds a good profit model.”So, how to make profit from 5 yuan of freshly ground coffee?Michelle Ice City also gave the answer: join.According to reports, Zhang Hongfu once said that “lucky coffee should be the affordable coffee of county towns or even small towns, and a coffee version of Michelle ice city will be copied within 5 years”.Since he led the team to operate the project, 2020 lucky cafe officially opened to join.Unlike high-end tea drinks, which are generally operated directly and do not accept joining, the attitude of middle and low-end tea drinks brands is “welcome to join”, which is an obvious profit source channel after all.On the official website of lucky Coffee, there is a clear, detailed and franchise-related all matters.For example, the general concern of the franchise cost, lucky coffee also listed the costs clearly.A total of nearly 160,000 yuan is required: franchise fee of 10,000 yuan/year, management fee of 5,000 yuan/year, consulting fee of 4,800 yuan, security deposit of 10,000 yuan, equipment cost of 90,000 yuan, and the first batch of materials of 40,000 yuan.Today, there are 550 lucky cafes.Qiu Tengyu, general manager of Lucky Coffee, said in an interview with the media that a lucky Coffee store located in a fourth-tier city’s daily revenue exceeded 16,000 yuan, and the amount of cups served exceeded 1,500 yuan. Many county stores in Luoyang, Nanyang and other cities had a turnover of more than 10,000 yuan.Rich workplace life experience tells us that the general manager’s words are always very meaningful.”This is a very rare situation,” said an investor who focuses on the coffee industry, according to Kaipineapple Finance.According to the investor, the daily revenue of most lucky coffee shops is about 2,000 yuan. According to the customer unit price of 9 yuan, the average daily serving volume is about 200 cups.Rich life experience and The Internet also tell us that joining the word is easy to make people think of three words, as for which three words, understand all understand, do not understand sooner or later will understand, after all, people walk in the river’s lake, which can not be “cut”.For the vast majority of consumers, the profit of the 5-yuan coffee is not their concern, but the taste of the 5-yuan coffee is the key.For the taste of lucky coffee and Michelle ice City milk tea evaluation, very different opinions.Some people say good, “something” “very cost-effective”;Some people accept its taste because of its price: “Freshly ground coffee costs 5 yuan a cup, what else do you want a bike?Make do with it;Others expressed disappointment, saying, “It’s just coffee water.”One person even said: “Lucky Coffee is really trying to destroy the coffee market in small cities in China. Its low price makes it difficult for boutique cafes to survive and then makes everyone drink its’ this’ coffee.”It’s too early to tell.There is certainly a void in the market for cheap freshly ground coffee, but there is no reason for brands to sit back and watch Lucky coffee dominate the market.Luckin announced plans to join last year with much fanfare;High-end starbucks, for example, is planning to dip into more second -, third – and even fourth-tier cities in 2019;KFC has also quietly carried out the “small town coffee” plan in the county town, in the sinking market has opened more than 100 stores with coffee……In other words, it remains to be seen whether lucky coffee’s copy-and-paste business model can survive in a sinking market, and there will only be more people distributing cakes in the future.Except, there’s something interesting about the $5 freshly ground coffee.Blue media resources: 1, AI remit. “coffee sink, michelle with rui xing city take business” 2, open pineapple finance. “honey snow city, again into the county” 3, interface news. “michelle city 5 piece of rapid open a shop, a cup of coffee brands are 4, top brand.” michelle city selling coffee, 5 yuan a cup, coffee in order to realize the “civilian”?”