Red house pending case, Cao Xueqin renwu starved to death at home on New Year’s Eve, why The yanzhai said tears and death?

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The dream of red Mansions is extensive and profound. Cao Xueqin overrides history, blurred the concept of time, and takes dream as the theme. Combined with his own experience, every word is ablaze and foiled everywhere.In fact, it’s a fake language.Why do you say that?Innocence fill days stone for a dream of red mansions from the start, and then put all of the bigotry in the red chamber, express love/hate in latter-day concept, tell time changing with traditional culture, referred to as a kaleidoscope, which contains the knowledge, literature, ideology, artistry and refining of thousands of years traditional culture, is an encyclopedia.And the stone is frustrated cao xueqin, cao xueqin in the form of tragedy lamenting the entire universe, the vagaries of what had happened to her and the world is naked, because I passed a by the tide, from the rich to the poor, from prosperity to the end of the road, no fixed abode, displaced and uprooted, sometimes in the temple,Jia Yucun is not cao Xueqin’s shadow at that time, because it is copied the descendants of the door, official career without a door, empty negative a cavity talent, but north drift, life down and out, renwu New Year’s eve, starve to death at home, tears and death, Cao Xueqin’s life elaborated is good, is good.Someone said, cao xueqin is definitely not starve to death, a dream of red mansions so famous, the propagation speed is quick, Cao Gong can make ends meet by selling books, how can you get starved to death, cao xueqin is not a businessman, did not take the book as a commodity, but a dream of red mansions especially potential commercial value, indeed brought wealth to copy books, imagine,Cao xueqin no at that time, cao cao was cashiered property, one can’t do it two can’t do business, except for a few scholar friends, and did not communicate with others, especially the government and businessmen, who will protect copyright, cao xueqin literature papers once leaks, a dream of red mansions cao xueqin is just a name, how to earn money, almost don’t have much relationship with him,The other is self-evident, if all copied books from Cao Xueqin out here, Cao Gong as poor as dirt.They completed a dream of red mansions and he yuan gao, also be a business elite, he yuan is a general office staff, unique perspective, their own culture is not high, and love the culture and completed, gathered from the folk, and the price is from the view of business including 40 parts, after found that copied will change after get up, comment on writing, review of multifarious,Unable to identify that sentence is the original, Gao Osprey also has a unique talent, full of knowledge, but he can only according to the essence of the part of the re three deleted five, a little personal talent, try to figure out cao Xueqin’s style and artistic conception, according to the orthodox thought to improve the dream of red Mansions, have now 120 back dream of Red Mansions cheng Gao.These two people played an important role in the preservation of the Dream of the Red Chamber. Without them, the dream of the Red Chamber might have been completely lost, not only in the last forty times, which would have been the trauma of civilization, but also the misfortune of literature.Cheng Gaoben came out, the manuscript on the negative river’s lake, the money to sell books there, it is self-evident, cao Xueqin has been wandering in hate outside the sky, by the people of later generations.He said that Cao Xueqin died in tears, which means that Cao Xueqin died of natural causes.It is the law of nature and the essence of civilization that every man dies of hunger in the end. Life and death are also important matters.When people were dying, they could hardly eat and their organs began to fail until their pulse stopped, which was called natural death. Cao Xueqin was blessed to live to the age of 50 in the age of famine and underdeveloped ancient medicine.Research the author of a dream of red mansions has been a topic of redology, also know a dream of red mansions writing background of a breakthrough, but red inkstone said cao xueqin horse tears do die, New Year’s eve after himself disappeared in the river’s lake, let a person feel this two eleven men, as it is written by cao xueqin, cfa full paper absurd speech, confused with great taste.