This dance live the thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, Spring Festival Gala dance “only this green” director Zhou Liya from Sichuan

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Chuan guan news reporter Li Ting a stroke of green sleeve, a thousand years after the country is still, yellow semicircle stage, like a yellow canvas…The 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which aired on major TV stations on Jan 31, followed the dance highlights of previous programs.Director han Zhen and Zhou Liya’s new dance drama “The Wave that Will never Disappear”, dance poem “Only this green” fragment, after “Fishing Song” again as an independent program, landing this Spring Festival Gala.”No name, no money, only this roll;Green for thousands of years, mountains and rivers boundless.”Of song dynasty about one thousand years ago, there was a 18-year-old prodigy Wang Ximeng, with unique mineral stone made of turquoise ink halftone long silk painting, one thousand years after the death of the young “Trinidad Jiang Shantu” in cultural relics left by the restorers, under the care of color, such as new much more popularity and become one of the national Palace Museum, and makes the grandeur of the folk songs, couples still.Dance poetic drama “only the green – dance draw the Trinidad Jiang Shantu genre, for” poetic drama “to” ZhanJuan, ask of, silk, stone, xi pen, quenching ink, show “chapter for families, such as a modern palace researcher, will with ZhanJuan person’s point of view, leads the audience to roam in the legendary Chinese traditional aesthetic interest, pay tribute to the Chinese excellent traditional culture,And their successors, innovators.”Only This Green” was performed by China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe, led by meng Qingyang, the chief dancer of the troupe.It is worth mentioning that Zhou Liya is also a young director from Sichuan, she and Han Zhen two people known as today’s stage twin stars, created “Once upon a Time in Sand Bay” “Never die of the wave” “Mulan” and a series of popular and popular dance dramas, loved by young people.In December 2021, “Only This Green” had its western premiere at the 2021 Daliang Mountain International Drama Festival, putting the story of “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains”, a heavyweight cultural relic of the Forbidden City, on the stage to make the national treasure refreshed.At that time, Zhou Liya, the chief director of dance drama Only This Green, said: “When facing traditional culture, we need to be creative, but we also need to be upright and innovative, with a rigorous and respectful heart.”Therefore, during the creation process, the creative team of dance poem Drama Only This Green not only consulted a large number of documents, but also invited experts from the Palace Museum and intangible cultural heritage inheriters of traditional Chinese painting pigments, hui ink, Xuan bi and double Lin silk weaving as consultants.In the play, the seal cutter, silk weaver, stone grinder, pen maker and ink maker are all important figures, presenting different chapters on the stage, such as “scroll, ask seal script, sing silk, find stone, brush learning, ink quenching, painting”, in order to pay tribute to the craftsmen and guardians who contribute silently for the inheritance and development of traditional culture.”‘ The Only Green ‘is freehand, so its pace is slow.””You have to ‘take’ the audience by the hand and lead them slowly into the theater, slowly into the art, slowly into the dance drama.In this way, more audience will like it, will really feel it, and thus like more dance drama works.It’s like the theme of our theater festival — theater is us.”Zhou Leia said.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: