United Airlines opens flight academy in hopes of educating more women and people of color

2022-05-14 0 By

Photo: United Airlines opens the United Aviate Academy.United Airlines officially opened its United Aviate Academy on Monday, welcoming its first class of students.United became the first and only major U.S. airline to have a flight training school.Of particular note is the inaugural class of flight cadets at United Flight Academy, 80 percent of whom are women or people of color.United hopes that by 2030 at least half of the roughly 5,000 cadets trained by the flight academy will be women or people of color, benefiting those groups.This unprecedented training commitment will lead to more career opportunities while adhering to United’s world-class safety standards.Last summer, United unveiled its ambitious United Next strategy to revolutionize the United flying experience and introduce more than 500 new narrow-body aircraft into its fleet to coincide with an expected resurgence in air travel.United plans to hire at least 10,000 new pilots by 2030, and to meet that demand, about 5,000 of them will come from united’s flight academy.On the day of its unveiling,Scott Kirby, United’s chief executive, and Brett Hart, united’s president, were at Phoenix Goodyear airport with Brad Mims, deputy administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, and other government officialsAirport welcomed its first batch of students.They also outlined United’s plans to help break down some barriers to enrollment through targeted recruiting, strategic partnerships, and scholarship and financial aid solutions.Citing the BUREAU of Labor Statistics, United said only 5.6 percent of its pilots are now women and 6 percent are people of color.In the U.S., it typically costs about $100,000 to get a commercial pilot’s license, while becoming an airline transport pilot requires 1,500 hours of flying time.