We never fit in with the seasons

2022-05-14 0 By

No matter how we say goodbye and greet, for the seasons, only from the beginning of spring, is the beginning of the replacement of the four seasons, is the symbol of the growth of all things.No matter how we plan and arrange, for the season, there is no impact, the brewing of the brewing, the growth of the growth, prosperity and subtraction, self-care cycle.No matter how we look forward to and dream, for the season, never have redundant thoughts, to what season to show what appearance, all enron if element.No matter how we do not give up and eager, for the season, everything has its own fate, the beginning of spring is the beginning of spring, summer is the summer solstice, do not fight not rob, each has each time and position.No matter how we treat life as a war, we are always ready to fight our last battle and never give a comment on the season.In the concept of seasons, life and life are never just one form, one expression, one process.We send emotion in the season, want to resonate with the season.We put our minds into the season and want to go with the season.We empathize with the season and want to be one with the season.But the seasons, they don’t care about us.The seasons don’t care about our love, nor our hate, nor our freedom.To the season, we and all vegetation creatures are no different, the only difference, is a little more self-righteous thought.Like this start of spring, stand, not just a spring word on paper and oral, all the sight can not reach the depths, the sun has been trying to warm, the earth has been trying to be soft, seed gradually wake up, wind spirit, from the winter in the cold began nirvana.And us?Even if we could invent ten thousand words, such as “spring”, “spring”, “spring” and so on, to prove to all things that we know more about spring, in fact, we are farther away from it.Some people, every day the beginning of spring also indifferent.Some people, only believe in themselves, do not believe in the season.Some people, in the spring, also ignorant.Some people, how to grow, have nothing to do with spring.More people, ten thousand spring can not grow hair.