What does Beijing Winter Olympics opening Ceremony command center control?Exclusive access for journalists

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An opening ceremony involving lighting, sound, stage, special effects and other aspects, there must be a very efficient command center, reporters in a recent rehearsal, an exclusive visit to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony command center – director command platform.At the director’s command platform on the fourth floor of the Bird’s Nest, the reporters saw that the directors here were highly focused on the performance and the console in front of them, but there was one director’s movement that was particularly eye-catching, she was clapping and waving from beginning to end.It turned out that she was directing more than 200 volunteers scattered around the stands, leading the audience to do some simple movements in concert with the performance.The other director was much more nervous, shifting his binoculars to keep an eye on the screen.Wang Shuo: The purpose of looking through this telescope is to check its details, and then we have to check every pixel to see if it can accurately display our content in the best way.Because we are in post production, so that we can present the best things to the audience.According to reports, the director command platform brings together lighting, sound, fireworks, broadcast control, wiya, special effects and other ceremonies involving more than a dozen command and control centers, equivalent to a brain center.This is where instructions are given to perform a complete performance together.And there’s one particularly busy person here, coordinating the various command and dispatch centers.Qin Yan, director of the Performance Planning and Coordination Department of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, said: “I’m just a little help here, helping the whole process.I now have 4 platforms, corresponding to each aspect, and the torch platform in the field are also in this to face.Because the whole podium is put together, it is relatively smooth in communication and coordination. Sometimes when the music on the podium is too loud or you can’t hear anything, the channel directly passes through, and then they can dock with each other, so that they can communicate smoothly and conduct efficiently.Qin Yan told reporters that in the last less than ten days, all their work is to buckle their movements more fine, better.Qin Yan, director of the Performance Planning and Coordination Department of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games: The details, including whether we can be more accurate in the performance, video and actors’ bite, we are doing some of this work, we are still trying to improve to complete every work.Now the countdown is particularly critical, so we need every link, every team to be stable.CCTV news client