Russia has played all its cards and still has room to spare.Biden kept up the pressure, eventually losing both his wife and his troops

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The United States, which has been threatening Russia militarily with arming Ukraine, recently announced that it would deploy the THAAD air defense system in Ukraine.As for the relaxation of the situation between Russia and Ukraine, Putin has long set a condition that the United States must stop arming Ukraine and stopping joint exercises with The Ukrainian army. As long as the United States does so, the situation between Russia and Ukraine will be quickly relaxed.But it’s clear that Biden doesn’t appreciate it, or that he doesn’t want to see any detente between Russia and Ukraine.Because at the end of the day, the more tense the situation with Ukraine, the happier Biden is.Biden wants to take advantage of the tension between Russia and Ukraine to exert more large-scale military pressure on Russia, and use Russia’s reaction to create the theory of Russian military threat to European Allies, and further consolidate the LEADERSHIP of the United States in Europe.Figure note: American troops ready to send to Ukraine’s weapons and equipment that has been explained from Russia, has no intention of attacking Ukraine, all armed forces and military operations, are also in Russia is reasonable behavior, but biden is in turn a blind eye, Russia could attack at any time again and again in the Ukraine tension, to continue to put pressure on Europe to Russia.The US also knows that there is no war with Russia, and if there is a war, no one will feel better. Therefore, it takes the initiative to launch an information war, hoping to use the pressure of the whole Western world to force Russia into disarray.But Putin, who has sent away four U.S. presidents, is no ordinary man.Even so, according to current POLLS in the United States, there should be a good chance of getting rid of Joe Biden, the fifth president.So, in the face of constant pressure from Biden, Germany’s suspension of nord Stream 2 certification, the threat of joint European sanctions, and even the threat of sanctions against Putin personally, Putin was calm, eerily so.Macron was clearly aware of the tension when he met With Putin not long ago.When Mr Putin stopped mocking the West in his face, Mr Macron realised the seriousness of the situation. With tensions so high, Mr Putin could indeed flip the table.But even so, Biden thinks he has the absolute advantage to keep up the military pressure on Russia by launching a three-carrier strike group in the Mediterranean.Good, biden is going to force Russia to get tough, and Russia will not be polite!In the face of the US, France and Italy’s three aircraft carrier battle group in the Mediterranean Sea, the Russian navy did not hesitate to play its cards.In the Mediterranean, the Russian Navy not only pulled out the Honorable class guided-missile cruisers specially designed for American carriers, but also all three of them at once.This is the first joint operation of the three “Glorious” class guided missile cruisers, which further shows Russia’s attitude of confronting the United States to the end!In front of these three guided-missile cruisers of the Russian Navy, the Truman, the Charles de Gaulle and the 27,000-ton Kafur are not necessarily much of an advantage.The Russian navy, though seemingly depleted, still has a lot to offer.Let’s not forget Russia’s more powerful nuclear submarines and Russia’s advanced missiles.So biden, who is back from America, probably doesn’t realize how times have changed!With the US no longer holding sway, Russia is now able to arm wrestle with the US and the west as a whole.By trying to talk to Russia in a threatening manner, the US will end up with a mixed bag!Europe was quicker to realize this than the United States, so it began to strengthen its ties with Russia and is desperate to avoid direct conflict with Russia.(Paper airplane)