Geng Biao recalled the eastern expedition to Zhangzhou under the command of MAO Zedong

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The eastern Campaign of Zhangzhou the eastern campaign of Zhangzhou was an important military action in which the main force of the Red Army took the initiative to attack and win the battle.In March 1932, Mr. Peng withdrew from Ganzhou.The enemy’s fourth “encirclement and suppression” has not yet begun and there is no fighting on the front.Our red army was assigned to the red five corps leadership, is stationed in the Southern Gannan Xinfeng area to rest.After the former division commander Xu Yangang was transferred to the red Army, our ninth division is temporarily short of division commander.Political commissar Zhu Liangcai led everyone to help villagers establish political power, training arms, production.I took some of my combat backbone to “train them in war” and “swept the white spots” in the Soviet areas, attacking the “earth encirkments” of the landlord’s armed forces.In mid-March, the provisional Central government continued to carry out the decision that “a province or several provinces will be the first to win”, and ordered the Red Army to march northward along the Ganjiang River, along the “Chihua” coast, and capture nanchang, Jiujiang and other large cities.Comrade MAO Zedong resolutely opposed such “left” deviation and held that the Red Army should concentrate its main force on areas such as northeastern Jiangxi, western Zhejiang, northern Fujian and southern Jiangsu, where the enemy’s strength was weak and the mass base was good.When this idea was denied, he proposed to move west through Fujian.Minnan attack, directly take longyan, Zhangzhou scheme.This plan was approved by Zhu De, Lin Biao, Nie Rongzhen and most of the leading comrades of the Red Army, and was supported by Comrade Zhou Enlai.On March 18, the middle route army, composed of the 1st and 5th Corps, was changed into the East Route Army and marched towards Longyan.Comrade Peng Dehuai also led the Western route Army towards the development of The Hunan-Jiangxi border.We got ready to start as soon as we received the assignment.As chief of staff of the division, my first task was to gather up the troops, organize the preparation for the march, and mark the proper route on the map with red arrows together with my staff.On April 2, from Xinfeng, one army marched to Longyan from Changting.We crossed into Fujian from nearby Luotang, passed Wuping, Gaowu, Shanghang and Baisha, and advanced to Longyan.The enemy situation gradually became clear through reconnaissance and superior briefings along the way.This area was our Western Fujian Soviet area, at the end of 1930 was occupied by the enemy 49th division.The 49th Division was “upgraded” by some misbranded troops and stubborn bandits with the financial support of the Japanese imperialists, and the people have suffered under their oppression.The former teacher is Zhang Yi, the current teacher is Zhang Zhen.Ballad said: Zhang Yi change Zhang Zhen, tax plus two liters.See their wickedness.When we heard that we were going to kill the enemy, the people rushed to report to each other, including women, children, the old and young, and welcomed the Red Army with food and drink. This is undoubtedly the best mobilization for our fight.On April 14, we hurried to the big pond near Longyan, and learned that Comrade MAO Zedong personally commanded the Red 15th army and the Red fourth Army had laid down Longyan, annihilating the 291st regiment and an independent regiment of the 145th Brigade of the 49th division.Longyan is zhangzhou gate.Once longyan is broken, the next article will be more melodramatic.After the first and fifth corps were joined, the fifth Corps was divided into two parts: one, the thirteenth Corps was stationed at Longyan to monitor the Guangdong enemy troops in the direction of Tai Po, and, together with the red 12th Corps stationed in the distance, to ensure the supply line from the Soviet Area to the Zhangzhou front.The Red Army, led by commander Comrade Xu Yangang, took part in offensive operations with a corps.Red arrows from longyan, moderate, and stream, shui Chao……Continue to the southeast.Comrade MAO Zedong marched with us.Wearing a helmet to protect him from the cold, he rode on a horse, with a thin smile on his face, and dismounted from time to time to walk with the soldiers.At that time, the Central Committee had abolished the establishment of one front army and one army corps, and Comrade MAO Zedong’s posts as chief political commissar and general secretary were virtually abolished.When a corps was restored, Lin Biao was appointed commander and Nie Rongzhen commissar.But Comrade MAO Zedong’s prestige has not been “withdrawn” from the minds of commanders and combatants.Now he is still leading the army to the east, so that the vast number of commanders and fighters to enhance the confidence of victory.On April 16, when the troops reached Masan, about 20 kilometers to the northwest of Zhangzhou, Comrade MAO Zedong personally organized us commanding cadres to reconnoit the enemy’s front lines and determine the arrangements for the attack.According to reconnaissance, the enemy forty-nine division in longyan after the fall, zhangzhou defenders terrified.Our resident longshan good fellow reported that Yang Fengnian, the enemy’s 145th brigade commander who was defeated by a regiment, had tried to resist longshanping as a position after his retreat. Later, I heard that the 1st and 5th regiments rendezvated and attacked with great force, so all of them contracted to Tianbao Mountain near Zhangzhou.Good landlords in Longshan also claimed that Yang fengnian wailed to them: “Hide, you can’t stop it.”Tianbao Mountain is located 20 kilometers northwest of Zhangzhou, which is an easy place to defend and difficult to attack.Flanked by The Jiulong River and flanked by Yongfeng Xi (Dongxi) and Xixi in the west, the mountain peaks stretch for dozens of miles, just like a huge stone screen covering Zhangzhou.Tianbao Mountain is the forty-ninth division for many years of operation of the defense position, all over the reinforced concrete fortifications, plus Rongzi Ling, Fengcangling, twelve mountains and other commanding heights, the enemy defense is very favorable.Zhang Zhen himself graduated from baoding military academy artillery division, he came to tianbao town tea shop artillery position command.In addition, the division was equipped with japanese-style equipment, such as 38 rifles, heavy and light machine guns, and wood-handled grenades. The soldiers were equipped with steel helmets, raincoats and rubber shoes, which were very few in the equipment at that time.Therefore, he shouted, the Tianbaoshan line will make it “insurmountable”.Unfortunately, his predictions, as those of other kuomintang leaders, were never fulfilled.Yang Fengnian’s defeat fled, the mood of failure to “strengthen” the Tianbaoshan defense line.Our army a fire reconnaissance, so that the entire line “bomb nest”, officers compete for plainclothes, soldiers cry for help.In response to the enemy’s deployment, Comrade MAO Zedong decided that our army should be divided into two lines: the left is the main direction of attack, and the Red Fourth and third armies should attack the enemy’s right flank;The red 15 will attack the enemy’s left flank.After breaking through Tianbaoshan, he joined forces to attack Zhangzhou.According to the arrangement of Comrade MAO Zedong, I and Political commissar Zhu Liangcai held a meeting of the ninth division, to the regiment to distinguish the combat task, the red arrow on the battle map like countless sharp arrows, shot to the Tianbao Mountain line.Due to heavy rain, we arrived as planned at yongfeng Xi, a tributary of the Jiulong River, just as the water was rising.According to the guide, this river is not big, we are in the upper reaches, usually only 100 meters wide, shallow water can wade.But by the time we crossed the Ilk at night, yongfeng Creek had reached its peak overnight. The riverbed was overflowing, the river widened, and the rapids bubbled down, making it impossible to wade.Looking for a ship?No.The bridge?It takes time.Mr. Raft?There were only litchi trees, banana groves and sugarcane fields nearby, and the time of attack was drawing near.Political commissar and I decided to swim across immediately.Most of them are southerners, and they can swim.I’m the only one who’s an early duck.This is because I grew up in a mine, and my mother was more afraid of flooding because of my “five elements lack of fire”, so she missed the opportunity to learn swimming.So, while others could swim across on a board, I wasn’t sure.Fortunately, there was a “rickshaw shop” in the nearby town.Zhangzhou is a hometown of overseas Chinese, when the flat car, bicycle has been a lot of business, the repair shop is thriving, hanging an old wheel as a cover.I bought the inner tube from my boss.Although there are a few patches, it doesn’t leak when you inflate it.I was skinny, and with this tire and a piece of wood, I could handle it.16th night, the whole division score batch alternate cover, began armed swimming.I put the “life buoy” under my arm, with one hand on the board and the pistol in the other hand, and kicked off to swim to the other side.Just when our division personnel reached the center of the river, the enemy on the other side of the river detected our attempt and fired hurriedly at us.But because of the darkness and the distance, the bullets landed blindly in the water.The soldiers, who had reached the other side, immediately fought back, Shouting, “Charge!””Alive!One rushed towards the enemy.The enemy is a small band of river-guards, and by the time my spearmen reach them, they’ll be gone.We’ve got gunshots down at The Bowlin Bridge.I know. It’s a feint to keep the enemy from escaping.After the whole division crossed the river, Political Commissar Zhu and I organized our troops to advance on the enemy along the east bank, and engaged in sporadic fighting along the way to clear the outer edge of our standby area.On the 17th we entered the nanping area at the foot of Tianbao Mountain, when the fourth army also entered Nanping from downstream.I have just finished my report on the march, and Comrade MAO Zedong has also arrived with the staff from the headquarters.On the 18th, with heavy rain and foggy waters, the headquarters decided to postpone the attack for a day.The delay was later romanticized by the people.They said: the Red Army was instructed by a man of god. When Zhang Zhen was forty-nine years old, she beat the forty-ninth division on April 19 and occupied Zhangzhou for forty-nine days.It’s the end of zhang Zhen’s life!The rain stopped on the 19th.At dawn, the general attack on Tianbao Mountain began.Our army first wedged into fengcangling, obtained the support point, spread out across the line, expanded the battle results, broke through the enemy tianbaoshan defense line.I’ll take the divisional communications platoon and push with the troops.The enemy had lost its defense, and the rout, without structure, was running amuck.All we had to do was shout “Freeze!” and bands of the enemy would surrender.The funny thing is we’re moving too fast for the shelter team to cover.There were too many weapons to carry.Then we unbolted the guns, gave the prisoners an empty one, and shouted, “Follow me,” and they followed closely.Each soldier was followed by a great crowd.Afterwards, Political commissar Zhu said, “Oh, I was surprised at that time. I thought you were surrounded by the enemy.”At the same time, the Red 15 army under the command of the left commander, broke through the enemy Rongzi Ling line of defense, captured nanjing county.Then, the red 3rd, 4th and 15th armies will attack The town of Tianbao at the southern foot of Tianbao Mountain.Surrounded by our troops on all sides and fiercely attacking, the enemy were in disorder.Our army only took a few minutes to capture the town of Tianbao and wipe out the defenders.Our army left the Red 15th army stationed in Nanjing and Tianbao town, the Red third army and the Red fourth army without stopping, riding on the victory to attack Zhangzhou.We adopted the tactics of separate advances and combined attacks: the Red Fourth Army in the west, along the Jiulong River to the south, through the tea shop to the West gate of Zhangzhou;The Red Army in the east, through the Stone Pavilion straight to zhangzhou north gate.Two armies, like two sharp arrows, hit the enemy in the heart.Although Zhangzhou is an important town in southern Fujian, it has no city wall and is backed by the Jiulong River. In front of it is a flat land, which can be defended without danger. In addition, the main force of the enemy has collapsed.By the Red Army hit the zhang Zhen tremble, see the situation is gone, keep also keep, feel “thirty-six plan, go as the best plan”, or escape.The warlord, who usually looked like a demon, fled faster than anyone and fled hurriedly south to Zhao ‘an, on the border of Fujian and Guangdong.On the morning of the 20th, we entered Zhangzhou through the north gate (there was actually no gate).We’ll join up with the four armies entering the west gate.So far, Zhangzhou was completely occupied by our army.In the Zhangzhou Campaign, zhang Zhen’s two brigades, an independent regiment and part of her local army were wiped out.Our troops captured numerous guns and ammunition, as well as a telecommunications apparatus and a fully equipped small arms factory.What is most interesting to us is the capture of two aircraft.These were two small planes with single propellers and double canvas wings.One of them had flown to longyan reconnaissance, destroyed by our army.The other is intact.Legion leaders and company soldiers flocked to the airport to see “why it flies.”Zhangzhou workers also did an air show for the troops, of course, just flying up and down.Later, during the May 1st parade, our army used planes to withdraw leaflets. The crowds of thousands of people were really a spectacle at that time.On the 21st, at honglou, at the southern foot of The Zhishan mountain, where the headquarters of the Eastern Route Army was stationed, a meeting of cadres of all armies above division level was held.Decided on a second plan of action.The next day, Comrade MAO Zedong made a report on the Present situation and the Second Action at a meeting of the cadres above the company, and the Eastern Route Army devoted itself to the work of enlarging its influence.Our red army quartered in Zhangpu.Nine divisions stationed in old town, Pantuo, Xiamei, Dongshan Island and other places.The main tasks were to organize the masses to beat the local tyrants, divide up land, abolish exorbitant taxes and levies and usury, distribute to the masses the useless wealth of the landlords and evil gentry and replenish the red Army’s supplies.Under the influence of the Red Army, trade unions and peasant associations were established, and young people from both urban and rural areas asked to join the Red Army. Some of us were recruited and some formed red Guards to defend the Soviet areas.It was the first time that the Red Army entered the hometown of overseas Chinese.In carrying out their work, some comrades at first failed to draw a clear line and mistook ordinary overseas Chinese and their relatives for local tyrants and evil gentry, because they lived in western houses and wore silk and woolen suits.To this end, we organized study and carried out the Policy on The Protection of Small and Medium-sized Businessmen, which was well received by the enlightened gentry and business people. They praised the Red Army as a civilized army and donated grain, salt, medicine, cloth and other military supplies.Up a look, with comrade MAO tan in ShuiKouShan teach me some English knowledge, found this to be the greenback. Immediately stop the soldiers burned, command all over east route army headquarters. Zhangzhou is located in the south of fujian province, the language to understand, we call for everybody to learn min. On one occasion, I talking with an old man, he said: “we are all ‘dry bitter lang.”” dry bitter lang” what is it? I didn’t understand. Then I understand, it is “hard man” that is, the meaning of “poor”. We learned many local dialect, have a common language, civil-military relations is more like a duck to water. In the early to zhangzhou, some folk customs we don’t understand, also make the joke. One day, I take a shower of king of 26th regiment.Several local hot spring, than the bathhouse also comfortable. I think the continuous march, does the clean health, will gladly go to. But we found a hot spring, just go, coming from a nearby village xi xi ha ha a group of women, it seems that also is to take a shower. We are at a loss, then flopped about in the water water, beckoned us in this.Later, I heard comrade Yang Chengwu say that the folk customs in this area are relatively open, unlike the rural women in the mainland who are ashamed to take a bath in front of men.Knowing this custom, we told the soldiers not to go out to take a bath at will. We also took a photo in Zhishan Red Building in Zhangzhou, where thousands of Red Army officers and men crowded on a film, and it was impossible to distinguish their faces. This photo was preserved as a precious cultural relic.After staying in Zhangzhou for 49 days, we completed our scheduled tasks and began to withdraw in a planned way on June 8 to return to the central Soviet Area, where the Red Army left a third Regiment and established a new revolutionary base.