Ice and snow sports empower plateau sports culture

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With the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Winter Games, the snow and ice sports in Tibet have ushered in a period of rapid development.Athletes from the snowy Plateau have emerged in world competitions, the number of young people participating in ice and snow sports has increased and their enthusiasm is high, the venues and facilities for ice and snow sports have been improved, and the dividends of sports culture have widely benefited people in the Plateau.These changes not only exemplify the acceleration of sports culture in Tibet, but also epitomize the development of sports culture in Tibet, qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu and Yunnan provinces.As early as 2017, The Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan province issued the Sports Industry Development Plan (2017-2025), which clearly stated that it would strive to hold mass snow and ice sports events more than 10 times a year.In the past two years, Aba prefecture has seized the opportunity of the new upsurge of ice and snow sports set off by the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and made efforts to promote the upgrading of winter and spring tourism in the whole region by playing ice and snow as a breakthrough.On January 13, the 8th national public ice and snow season and the 4th national fitness ice and snow season of Sichuan province kicked off at the Partridge Mountain Nature Park in Lixian County of Aba Prefecture.Therefore, partridge Mountain natural Park ski resort attracted more public, many people into the snow resort, experience a carefree alpine skiing.Data showed that a snow season, the number of visitors to the partridge Mountain Natural Park ski resort increased by 40% compared with the same period last year.The Taizi Mountain Ski resort in MAO County, Aba Prefecture has also launched a preferential policy of free reservation for college students, teachers and graduates of the 2021 college entrance examination.At present, aba Prefecture has built a number of ski resorts, such as MAO County Jiuding Mountain Taizi Ling, Li County Bi Peng Ditch, Li County Li Tridge Mountain, Li County Meng Tunhe Valley, songpan Qi Xia Ditch and so on. Snow sports have gradually become a boom, and become an important growth point to enrich people’s lives and promote regional income.By hosting the 17th International Icefall Tourism Festival, Jiuzhaigou has turned its off-season into a busy season, with a 400% year-on-year increase in tourist flow in winter.With the holding of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, ice and snow tourism has embarked on the road of rapid development.Tibet, endowed with snow and ice resources such as snow mountains and glaciers, has naturally become a hot spot for tourists to travel on ice and snow.Previously, Tibet’s tourism industry has an obvious off-peak season, into the winter after tourists gradually become less.Driven by the Beijing Winter Olympics, people are racing to experience snow and ice sports.Nowadays, snow and ice sports are becoming a fashion in Tibet, and the boundary of sports industry is gradually expanding. Sports towns with “sports + real estate”, tourism routes with “sports + tourism”, and entertainment projects with “sports + entertainment” are developing in full swing.The resulting large-scale consumption of ice and snow is gradually turning “cold” resources into “hot” economies.Speaking of qinghai’s promotion of ice and snow sports, the construction of Doba National Plateau sports training base is the most prominent representative.As China and even Asia’s highest, largest and the most suitable for endurance training project of sports training base, the national comprehensive plateau since Beijing’s successful bid to host the 2022 winter Olympics, dopamine response base country “led three hundred million people participate in snow and ice movement”, built in skating center, held a number of domestic and international competition and the mass of snow and ice,Lead and drive the masses to participate in it, experience the fun of ice and snow sports.From April 17 to 21, 2021, China International Curling Classic · China Open (Qinghai, China) will be held in Toba Base.The event setting, venue requirements and competition rules are in accordance with the Beijing Olympic Curling competition standards, and the judging team is from the Beijing Olympic Curling team.During the five-day competition, the national team and professional curling teams from all over the country played more than 50 exciting matches.Over the past year, the masses of ice and snow sports in qinghai on the basis of the original more focus on youth groups, through holding “eco-city, ice and snow season, the games are” a national snow and ice on the series of activities, drive roller skating movement and cohesion and integration of ice and snow sports, consolidate the ice into the campus, let more children to master snow and ice project based training techniques, the road to explore “rotary ice” characteristic.At the same time, the qinghai through activities such as organization to carry out the “curling into campus”, to the border in xining city elementary school, XiaoQuan elementary school campus land curling equipment, such as layout organization curling coaches) (PE teachers training, and guide the layout of the school in sport training, etc., push the curling in adolescents popularization and improvement.”The Winter Olympics have made Chinese people see the meaning and charm of sports.Gu Ailing and Su Yiming stood out on the Winter Olympics stage not only for their gold MEDALS, but also for their sunny, confident spirit of enjoying the competition.Off the field, their demonstration effect has encouraged more parents and children to participate in sports.”Gansu Province Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture children amateur sports school deputy principal Li Lin said, “this winter holiday, gannan children amateur sports school athletes are rubbing their hands to prepare for the fifteenth gansu provincial games.”Since the General Administration of Sport of China issued the Implementation Outline of “Attracting 300 million People to participate in Snow and ice Sports (2018-2022)”, the sports authorities of Tibet Autonomous Region have organized ordinary people to participate in snow and ice mountain climbing activities for two consecutive years, which has increased the temperature of snow and ice sports.A training camp for Tibet autonomous Region under the “Big Heart Program” of the General Administration of Sport of China ends at a sports training base in Nyingchi, Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, Feb. 26, 2018.”The ‘Big Heart Plan’ is a systematic project and a long-term process. It is an effective way to further promote the rapid development of featured sports in Tibet Plateau, strengthen the construction of reserve talents and enhance the comprehensive strength of competitive sports.”Nima Ciren, director of the Sports bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region, said.Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan province is an ethnic area with multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural coexistence.By the end of 2020, the area of quanzhou sports facilities in Diqing will reach 1,150,907 square meters, with 29,700 square meters of sports facilities for every 10,000 people.At the same time, the coverage of public stadiums and gymnasiums reached 85%, the coverage of sports and fitness infrastructure in towns and townships reached 97%, and the coverage of 15-minute fitness circles in urban communities reached 85%, basically realizing the equalization of fitness facilities.In addition, In recent years, Diqing prefecture has seized great opportunities such as hosting the 10th Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Games of Yunnan Province to promote sports events and activities to take root in Diqing, and achieved the achievement that the per capita sports area of Diqing ranks first in Yunnan province and first in Tibet-related regions.On the vast land of Gannan, the beauty of ice and snow, sports and national beauty are bringing health and well-being to the masses.In recent years, gannan actively build sports cultural exchanges with the characteristic of gannan stage, held a large number of popular forms of national traditional sports activities, support various counties city, country and folk organization innovation of traditional minority national sports, build across different regions, ethnic characteristics, promote the contacts and exchanges with neighboring provinces and cities.The sports infrastructure in Gannan prefecture has achieved a breakthrough from sporadic scattered to basically full coverage, forming a four-level public sports facilities network with high standards and complete functions.Lucid waters and lush mountains are mountains of gold and silver.With the spring breeze of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, plateau snow and ice sports are deeply integrated with tourism and cultural industries. Regardless of nationality or region, everyone can get health, happiness and satisfaction from sports culture.(Source: Guangming Net — Guangming Daily)